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    26 Jul 2002

    Wooden wind chimes tinkling in the winds of change
    Mosaic tiles of memories on the floor of my garden
    The Idiot's Guide to wisdom
    An omelette of cheese and existential angst sprinkled with grated spicy calm
    A CD-ROM of Everlasting Things
    The Illustrated Textbook on The Anatomy of Emotion
    An umbrella and sunglasses for the sun
    A digital videotape of Tuesday afternoon silence
    Earrings the colour of sea-spray
    An oven that bakes burnt fear
    An oasis of redemption @ the heart of a concrete jungle
    An sms from my guardian angel
    A Get-Out-Of-Me Free Card from the toll booth of sanity
    A detangler for mental confusion
    A Make-up palette of character from MAC
    The change for a dollar bill worth of laughter
    Delicious mystery flavoured ice cream mudpie
    Silver glitter settling on a cool breeze
    A brightness control switch for the stars
    A 6-pack of Diet Love
    A diamond the colour of passion
    The first piece of the jigsaw puzzle of Life
    Sparkling magic in a champagne flute
    A fuel tank of Liquid Hope

    As inspired by GT