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    30 Jun 2002

    I'd like to para glide over and through the Grand Canyon
    Drive a fast car round the curves of the French Riviera
    Make a box of Belgian chocolates from a Mayan cocoa pod
    Support a boy supporting his family in Yangon
    Own a graceful Black Beauty with a burgundy mane
    Watch the World Cup in a stadium full of football crazy referees
    Sponsor a elegant lioness in Serengeti
    Play Futebol de Salao in a Sao Paolo backalley
    Fly in a Save-the-Trees Blimp over the Amazon
    Teach a bunch of kids life
    Write a love song and sing it the day hope dies
    Go to the moon
    Pick out a star
    Rub it into a sandbag of twilight
    Peel off the excess
    Frame it
    And be dazzled.