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    D. Feuer
    18 Mar 2003

    Sarah called me around five; I had just woken up. It always seems to work that way, for someone who never sleeps I always seem to be waking up. I answered the hone in a haze of sleep, and forced myself to pay attention to what she was saying on the other end of the line.

    She was going to see her friend's band play, and wanted someone to come with her. Going to a concert did not appeal to me, I had a soccer game earlier in the day, and just wanted to sit down, but it was better than being home by myself on a Saturday night. The club the band was playing at wasn't in the nicest of neighborhoods. My mother gave her typical cynical response, a hypothetical situation that ended with me being robbed and probably killed, but I was allowed to go.

    Sarah drove, and I handled directions: a mix of mapquest and instructions from both of our fathers. We got there uneventfully and parked across the street. It was pouring rain, it reminded me of old black and white movies, where only the lights of lampposts and headlights break the monotonous gray of the night. The club itself was on the third floor of the building. Dull brown stairs led up to the club, surrounded by walls and doors of the same flat brown.

    The club itself was no bigger than a classroom. Two people, who were collecting the five dollars to get in, also sold food and drinks; simple stuff, chips, soda, Swiss Miss. Just what everyone needs: bad punk music and hot cocoa. The room had four televisions, one in each corner playing anime and bad horror movies. Along the walls were old chairs and couches that looked like they had been found on curbs on garbage day.

    Sarah's friend's band was the third act. The first two were punk bands, loud, bad music. Sarah and I stood in the back, watching kids with spiked jackets and even spikier hair bounce of each other, and anyone else unlucky enough to be nearby. The people in the room easily fit into two categories, the punks; with the plaid pants, leather jackets and lots of safety pins, and everyone else, with Abercrombie shirts, highlighted hair, and such. I was somewhere in between, didn't fit in to either group, and I knew it. I just stood next to Sarah watching everyone else in the room.
    Sarah introduced me to her friend, Jesse, and the rest of his band. I couldn't make out any names over the music, but I nodded and shook hands. They went backstage and Sarah and I went back to where we in the back, and again waited.

    Twenty minutes later, the second band finished up and Sarah made her way up to the front, with me following behind, not wanting to be left alone. Another ten minutes of waiting and they finally started playing. Immediately I felt more out of place. At least when I was standing in the back there were other people just standing around. In the front, I was the only one not moving to the music.

    Standing next to me was the girlfriend of the lead singer, who I had met earlier, but didn't know her name. She spent the whole time staring at the lead singer, mouthing the words to the songs, basically oblivious to the rest of the club. It was beautiful and refreshing to see something that close to love, compared to the groups of people groping each other behind me.
    I don't remember the music that well. I was more concerned with leaving. I just was not in the mood to be at a loud concert, I felt more like just sitting at a friend's house watching television, but you have to take what you can get.

    After the band finished, I walked out of the club onto the stairway to get some fresh air, Sarah was still inside saying goodbye to her friends. When she came out we walked down the brown stairs and into the night. It had stopped raining while we were in the club, and had also gotten a lot colder. The air was fresh and clean, somewhere between the air after a thunderstorm, and that after a snowstorm. It was only ten-thirty, so we decided to head over to Chuck's and get some dinner, as neither of us had eaten.

    I felt a much more comfortable in Chuck's, just sitting in a booth drinking a cup of coffee that had been on the burner for a few hours. It was a nice way to relax after being in the club for a few hours. Sarah and I spent the next hour talking, the topics jumping around randomly, from fashion to politics to music to relationships. Just dumping everything that had been on our minds for the past week. We left around twelve because Sarah had to make it home before her twelve thirty curfew.

    After I was dropped off, I walked around my house, torn between exhaustion and the caffeine content of three cups of coffee. I decided to go up to bed and cocooned myself in two blankets, watching cartoons to distract myself from the dark corners of my mind. Finally about one-thirty I fell asleep.