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  • Unnecessary Surgery
    Patrick Goins
    12 Jan 2003

    Your heart is melting as I've found myself
    Standing in this puddle of your blood
    I'm ankle deep within your ocean
    Crimson stained and hard to stand in
    Hold your breath this won't take a moment
    The entire process is relatively simple
    We cut out your heart and give it away
    But don't you worry, you won't feel a thing
    We've pumped you full of anesthesia
    You'll be drifting out of this reality soon
    I will reach right in and take a hold
    Then we'll publicize this new breakthrough
    When you wake up you will be so happy
    Our results speak for themselves
    Take two pills and call me sometime
    Remember now you'll feel some dizziness
    Don't you worry about your heart
    We're recycling it back in the world
    We'll give it to someone who will use it
    Someone who'll give back all you stole