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  • An Ode
    6 Aug 2003

    An ode
    oh the black bittersweetness
    with or without you i'm helpless
    your soul darker than midnight
    even when seen in light

    nothing mixed, nothing drained
    as you settle, my heart in pain
    but i wait, patiently i wait
    till you tell me, no longer wait

    sometimes you're corrupted
    looking so erupted
    'times you're soul's lighter
    but still i taste bitter

    i revere you in wholeness
    i grasp you in all holiness
    i bring your lips to mine
    your taste... so fine

    my lips, escape a moan
    i quiver, shiver, i groan
    as i draw your life to me
    my pulse quickens, clearer i see

    oh, i need another cup of coffee...