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    6 Jan 2004


    if I've not noticed anything I've noticed at least one…

    all of us are different…

    especially all of us here in the GT Family and we cannot get anymore diverse than this. Of course where ever we can we live happity together under this roof that Jase put up. And then again like all Families, there are always fights and friction once in a while is inevitable… but that is what makes us stronger and closer. Those of us who cannot get along, choose to move out and never come Home again. Of course there are those of us who have to go off for a while, mostly not by our own choice, but know where Home truly is…

    all of us are DIFFERENT!

    yet if there is only one thing that binds us… it must be passion.

    from what I've gathered in my time here, and from forays here and there, in the flesh and blood world as well, other than this inner space portal we call Home… there are so many people out there who are so driven, aiming at goals that would make Hercules shy away… but they have no PASSION.

    at home here, that is what possibly keeps all of us sane together, and then again it could be our greatest flaw… we have too much passion…

    look at all the fantabulous writings all of you have created… I say no more…

    just felt like ranting.......