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  • Shadows and Light
    5 Jul 2003

    There are those in our lives
    That slowly fade away, like stars vanish
    With dawn's first grey light.
    Brilliant and vibrant for a short time,
    They disappear forever, never
    Seen again in our night's black sky.

    Still others leave their mark,
    Their light too bright and powerful
    To ever truly go away.
    They haunt our lives, our dreams.
    They fill our souls with being,
    Impressing our hearts ever more.

    But you.

    You are my moon. Always there, never changing.
    Shadows and light dance across your face,
    Hiding this side or that, but if I look
    I can see you there behind them.
    Breaking through dark black clouds
    Or shadows cast by an overbearing sun.

    So goodnight my green eyed angel.
    I'll meet you in my dreams tonight.
    Until I hold you in my arms again,
    I will look at the sky with wonder.
    Watch the moon play shadow games
    And feel your light upon my heart.

    For my Ex.