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  • Shadow's Arms
    21 Apr 2005

    Shadow's Arms
    25 Aug 1993

    At midnight hour when dreams awake
    Phantom guests a visit make
    Sweet embrace I do not fear
    Shadow's arms cast visions clear

    Down cobblestone and narrow street
    Anxious hooves keep steady beat
    By will alone they lead the way
    To Eden's home where love does lay

    Past snow lit field and bending pine
    A beacon light through bough does shine
    Of stone and wood the walls are made
    The fire's warmth with kindling laid

    Content to fill on wine and bread
    With captive eyes our souls are fed
    From passions wont we cannot hide
    A thousand joys in touch confide

    Hear and now I seek to last
    But refuge in dark's guard has past
    Silent words to nights depart
    My solace that I have your heart

    At dawns fast hour when dreams find sleep
    Phantom guests I long to keep
    Swept away to midnight's door
    'Til shadow's arms will come once more