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  • Passionwood
    29 Jul 2005

    By accident they found each other, led to a small clearing by two separate paths that were never intended to merge into one. Her journey was young, while he had wandered long, searching for something important lost years ago.
    The promise of a growing fire united the two strangers, and soon the flames were leaping, dancing, reaching for the heavens, and feeding off the energy of passionwood they both willingly contributed.
    The tangled undergrowth of the dense woods surrounding them seemed tame and miles away by the false light of the pyre they had built together.

    Little was said then, but much was communicated.

    Lost in the beauty of the flames he was unaware of the clouds gathering overhead. The first scattered droplets of rain eventually began to fall from the blackness above, attacking the only vulnerability of their protected fortress.
    He chose to care for the fire.
    She chose to look upward, and face the cold drops as they struck her eyes and heart.
    The heavens did not burst open with a flood. Instead a light and steady blanket of wetness began covering their roofless sanctuary, causing her to retreat to the shelter and shadows of a leafy bough.
    She could no longer feed the fire from this distance.
    As the flames began to die, he strove to keep it alive, but the wood he now placed with great purpose on the source of his light was wet, and the thick smoke it produced stung his eyes and choked his view.
    He pleaded for her to come out of the darkness and help, but she remained.

    Much was said then, but little was communicated.

    In spite of his efforts the flames slowly gave way to dying embers. He could no longer see her, as he anxiously tended to the lost cause on his knees.
    He called out her name, but the responses grew less frequent and more distant with each request. Soon he could no longer tell if the answers coming back were from her faint voice, or the hiss of his tears as they fell on the glowing coals beneath his inadequate hands.
    Unknown to him, she had left the clearing long ago to continue her journey on the path that had once led her to this place.

    Walking away, she never realized that he understood this was only the beginning of her journey.
    Hunched over the remaining embers, he never realized that her path was never meant to cross his.