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    7 Aug 2003

    Note: every word in the following was pulled from a past GT post and said by that person (out of context of course).

    Setting: Noisey smoke filled bar
    Time: The Present
    Scene: A group of GTers get together and the following chaoic conversation takes place...

    Addison: I was in a piss poor mood last night. Had a close encounter with the exciting, but dangerous penis fish.

    Hif: did you make any sheep friends ??

    Christophe: You should try jamming your middle finger up your ass. A pearl necklace should be pulled out to make it better.

    Howitzer: Count me in!

    Antartica: Can I see?

    Hif: How much for a peek. I knew there was something I liked about you.

    Chanz: That is your anal crack heheheh…I probably need a hummer.

    Christophe: You pervert. He wants your smelly toufu.

    Dancer: Am I a little late for this?

    Christophe: wanna fuck?

    Dancer: You didn’t bring your plinker along, and big brother is watching *shudders

    Koff: i no fuck

    Antartica: GO FUCK YOURSELF!

    Jennemmer: I’m amazed it took this long cause deep down good girls are secretly sick of being good. (sings) O Canada…

    Christophe: Perhaps you’re a lesbian. I can teach you a few tricks baby yeaah

    Hif: i wish i could be there the first time you ride the moustache! hmmmmm, i'll bet money you're a screamer

    Addison: drink some beers.

    Koff: i piss on amrica.

    Christophe: (mutters) He’s irritating me.

    Libra: Hey, there’s something sticky on my…

    Antartica: sorry... been out on the piss. oh look... frankfurters!

    Libra: Gross! Can I scream now?

    SntSaturn: I want to just yell at the top of my lungs.

    Mesh: Christophe, you are hot! I could not hold out any longer…I esploded.

    Sailovzi: Oh, Dear.

    Addison: Would you mind terribly moving your hand 4 inches to the left ?

    Sweet P: what would you do for me? I am just a are hard!