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  • Hot Dogs
    28 Apr 2004

    What do you think about hot dogs?

    Choke: I choked on one once, but I still LOVE them!

    Hif: Depends on where it came from. If it was a pure 100% American beef hot dog that came from a Texas farm Iíd eat it. If the package says made in New York I put it on my fence and use it for target practice.

    Antartica: HeHe I likes them dogs wid lots of ketchup! And cooked in russian vodka! Yum! = ))

    Libra: Iíve never had a hot dog in my mouth. Will it hurt? Maybe I shouldnít try one. I guess I could as long as things didnít get weird afterwards.

    Novrain: I like them with buns or without

    Bluellama: I just like the bun, not the weiners

    Chanz: luv dem dogs!! and i repeat it again for anal rententive vegitarians.
    if u dun like em, go somewhere else. in here noone gives a shit other than meatpacker sluts. Viva la Weinies!

    Sweet P: I like the hot dogs you get at hockey games. Sometimes I skate with them.

    Mesh: I Hate hot bananas! If I ever see one Iím gonna beat the shit out of it!!

    Aeon: Propped against the cold bun
    Beads of sadness gather
    Running down my pink flesh
    Am I hotÖ
    Or a flash in the pan?

    Christophe: I donít give a flying fuck about hot dogs, and I hate you. Nothing personal, but Iíve shit out hot dogs with more brains than you!

    mat_j: If its wrapped in newspaper, smothered in malt vinegar till it drips off the chips Iíll eat it, but you wonít make me like it.

    SntSaturn: I usually donít touch them unless itís from my boyfriend. Sometimes Iíll rub it all over my face because I heard itís good for your complexion.

    Trogdor: Sure. While the Israelites where wondering in the wilderness God sent manna (which in greek means weiners) down from heaven. ^___ ^

    Sailovzi: I donít eat them. I do keep one in my pocket though. Last week I had John Stossel autograph it for me.

    Marsi: Every morning I get up, go to GT first thing, drink a glass of OJ, and suck on a cold weiner for breakfast.

    SocialyD: I donít trust hot dogs. Iíve had too many bad experiences with them. They can put your eye out you know.

    Sheoul: Weiners are morally wrong. I donít have anything against them personally, as long as they stay in the bun.

    Koff: I piss on hot dog!!!!

    really you can tell from some of the names