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  • The Pain Is Painful
    Boo Radley
    4 Sep 2003

    This has probably been written about countless times. And the exact emotion must have been felt by at least a million others at one point or another. But I still feel the need to release the pain. No one said it would last. No one said it would not. We have parted before only to reunite again. But I have a feeling this time around, it will be for good. I thought it's going to be ok...that it's for the best and all that crap. I was ok just yesterday. Only to learn that it hurts today.

    She was everything that anyone would want - beautiful, intelligent and a good conversationalist. And we had the best of times. Then the quarrels became more often than it should and I suppose the camel broke its back. Well, happens. What is there to learn from all this? I don't know. Others have gone through this before me. And they have survived.

    But the pain is painful...