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  • The Better Part of Me
    Boo Radley
    2 Nov 2002

    One thing which has fascinated me way before Seiko watches and mountain bikes is the female psyche. No I'm not a closet transgender or anything of that sort but rather I'm quite fascinated by how we guys differ in our emotional make-up, views and intellect. In fact, I think these differences are responsible for spicing up our otherwise boring lives. Just imagine this - no bickering spats, no violent objections to our respective views...basically good conversations which serve as a better aphrodisiac than oysters.

    Now, I'm not saying that these differences would guarantee you endless nights of passion from the missus. No, sir, much to the contrary. Statistics would show that the good old sofa has been a faithful companion on more than a few occasions to more than a few of us. With all this pop feminism flying around these days, it is oh-so-easy for us sub-urban neanderthal men to slip up. I'm not saying that the fairer sex are not receptive to our radical views or ways of doing things but rather it's just the fact that us guys are lacking something somewhere. C'mon...let's admit it, how many times have we lost an argument or have been made to believe so? More often than not, the modern man have been subjected to a defeat almost on par with Mr Bonaparte's at the Battle of Waterloo a couple of centuries ago.

    Yes, I have to admit that marriage is a bigger step than the one taken by Neil Armstrong on the moon. But it's 2 in the morning and I'll leave my take on the matrimonial institution to another day. Basically, love works in mysterious ways. Those who are single yearn to be attached and those attached, well...sometimes they, let's see, how shall I put this? They...they get presumptuous and audaciously so. Let's admit it, how many times have we not taken our other half for granted? Or how many times have we not yearn for swinging singlehood? But trust me on this, singles may sway but they do not swing. The term "swinging single" is actually an oxymoron in its own right. What we choose is our choice. I have nothing against singles or those attached, it's just that those amongst us who actually know the difference between love and romance are few and far between. I'm not saying I have a doctorate in this subject matter but knowing the difference between these 2 confusing aspects of our life would help in the long run. I suspect those Hollywood stars who change partners faster than the regular guy would clean his ears are just in need of a regular dose of romance. Some of us tend to run when love takes over...too much work, they say. Of course, this is just an opinion, it's not meant to be a sweeping statement.

    Loving is an art. I'm still learning. Being the typical male, I do suffer from the occasional emotional how Brad Pitt has to battle the bear in him in "Legends of the Fall" (a beautiful movie, a piece of art!!). Well, whatever. Anyway, I think it's interesting how both sexes differ yet they seem to connect somehow and I'm not just referring to sex here. I'm fascinated by male-female relations and would like to read more on this subject. Feel free to e-mail me your 2 cents' worth. I'll probably add more articles to this category in days to come but it's half past 2 in the morning and I've got other sites to visit.

    So to everyone in love...and out of love, where we are is where we're meant to be.