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  • Girls Don't Cry
    12 Sep 2003

    why are you crying?

    i don't know

    why are you crying?

    because i feel like shit.

    why are you crying?

    because im lost and i don't know what to do.

    crying doesn't help you know.

    i know, but its what my body wants to do.

    your weak.

    shut up

    what the fuck is wrong with you, who the hell do you think you are? You think your too good for pain? You think life's not fair?

    I can't help what i feel, i can't stop my own pain, i can't make it go away!

    You stupid fucking baby! you think everything's supposed to be simple, you think people are happy all the time? you don't know shit.

    I have no control over other peoples pain, all i know is my pain, and right now i hurt.

    your not supposed to cry, suck it up, get over it, get a life, your supposed to be strong and independant. Do you want them to know how much they really hurt you?


    Get off the floor, lock it away, never think of it again and leave your fucking room.

    but sometimes i just can't help it, sometimes i just need to cry.

    Girls don't cry.


    because your better than that, your not a stereotype, you can be just as strong as any guy.

    but what if...

    Girls don't cry! punch a wall, yell it out, scream when your alone just never let the tears fall, every time you cry its victory for everyone who said you couldn't handle it, who said you weren't strong enough. Everytime you cry you prove all of them right.

    your right, ill just deal with it.

    good girl, no more tears, just empty pain, tears are weakness, and you can't afford weakness. so remember....

    yeah yeah, i know....girls don't cry...