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  • Self Criticism
    16 Sep 2003

    your ugly.

    shut up


    shut up

    your nothing, your shit.

    i said SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    Get out of my sight, i don't even want to acknowledge you anymore. Stupid little bitch.

    Why are you saying this?

    I dunno, ask yourself.

    cause its true, cause im ugly, fat, stupid, im nothing, void, invisible, im what they hate.

    no no no, they don't care either way, except your friends who love you, ask yourself why im saying this.

    cause im a worthless little whore, and i need to know it.

    no, im saying it because you think it's true, your the one looking in the mirror, not me. Its not my voice saying it, its yours.

    Shut up.

    fuck you.