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  • Anonymous
    26 Aug 2003

    I am a poet
    but i have no name
    only voice and only pain
    you credit me much
    but honor me little
    im sharing so much but nothing is given

    I am a dreamer
    no face no eyes
    i see without being
    and speak without lies
    i live without blessing
    or knowledge
    or love
    i thrive in the shadows
    and wander in fog

    i write what i see
    in the locked bedroom doors
    of the hallway i sit in
    while writing this poem
    I'm here without reason
    yet im here all the same
    to learn and to teach
    and to be remade

    i am invisible
    yet i create
    i am broken
    but i will remake
    you can't kill me
    i do not die
    and when i finally fade
    another will be there to take up my name
    we walk together
    we do not know how
    you are a person
    yet i
    i am not

    i don't exist
    i am not real
    you cannot see me
    yet i am here