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  • Censor
    14 Sep 2003

    Now you've found the things i hold within
    the fears the tears
    my own destruction
    you try to stifle the words within
    but you can't still the voices
    they always win

    you may have dragged secrets out into the open
    but the fears burrow deeper
    i still see the ocean
    you've lost my trust now
    by digging it up
    you can't win it back
    you've lost so much

    so why are you mad
    its not juvenile
    your own fear rises
    why are you crying
    you can lock up the pends and the ink not the words
    you can burn all the books
    but you can't kill the thought
    so know in your heart
    you can't censor truth
    you can cover it with lies
    and distort it with filth
    but ill always listen
    and you'll never hear
    you can never destroy
    what my heart feels

    Written after my mother read my poetry books without permission