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  • In The Mirror
    16 Sep 2003

    It's just so hard
    I can't take it anymore
    I slam my hand into the wall
    and let my blood just flow
    and its dark outside the window
    and i see reflections there
    like a ghost of myself
    nothing is seen beyond the void
    It feels like im alone with my pain
    that this room is just floating in space
    like a single
    detached moment
    in the span of time
    and the door is locked
    there is no key
    theres no escape
    Im trapped in a horrible dream
    but its real
    and i sink to the floor
    sobbing uncontrollably
    my world has narrowed to a single plane
    an endless span of nothing but pain
    and i look up in the mirror
    and all i see is me
    there is no cover
    no facade
    just a little girl
    with tear-filled eyes
    and the room around me fades
    and its just the mirror in the nothingness
    and i reach out and slam the mirror
    and my reflection shatters
    in a spiderweb of glistening seams
    and i stare at the shattered pieces of myself
    and i dry the tears
    and pull down my sleeves
    and open the door
    and rejoin the world
    with the pain that ets away inside
    and all thats left behind
    is the shattered pieces of a mirror
    reflecting nothing but the pain
    that helped to break that mirror
    where i could not take the scene.