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    7 Feb 2004

    When you find that special someone in your life, it's all done. You no longer have to spend all your waking hours looking for that angel in disguise. Finding that someone is the worst thing that could ever happen to you. Because then you have no life of your own. You will forever be Jimmy and Susan or Frank and Laura.

    All your life you are building up for that one special moment that you will suddenly understand that your life is meaningful and you are leaving someone behind when you go. You know that then you will have someone to say that you touched a part of their life. Thats bull shit. To love is to get rid of yourself. To love is to cast off your individuality.

    When someone says that they will die for you...chances are they wouldn't. People are like that. They say they love you and they lie for the hell of it. No one would really die for another person. Maybe those martyrs, but they did it for the sake of being a goddamned martyr.