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    8 Mar 2004

    My best friend Rachel's brother just died yesterday. And as I sat there holding my clammy friend as she wept for a life over sixty years too early i formulated a thought about life.

    if everyone would give up material things, we would be free to have everything. To quote Janis Joplin, 'Freedom is another word for having nothin left to loose.' and another quote, 'only when you loose everything you are free to have anything.' -Fight Club. The human race is so damn obsessed with mortality, prolonging life. People say life is short. It's not short. Its the longest goddamned thing you're ever going to expierience. If you are free of earthly burdens, death will not scare you.

    death wasnt made to scare people. it was to kill off the people that it's illegal to kill, in a sence. but only after you accieve disattatchment of matierial things that you are really and truely ready to live.

    if you are afraid of death, you are afraid to live. if you never live, then you were dead from birth. if you strive hard enough to live as you drive around in your porsche carrera your a goddamned hypocrit. when you no longer feel as though you need things, you are free.

    freedom, in another word, is simply saying to yourself that death is a celebration of life.