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  • the breakdown of mr. smith
    19 May 2004

    i bet he drives a chevy
    sleeps in on sunday
    but he's no godless sinner
    he's just tired
    of work and play
    on monday he goes to work
    to a thankless job
    on tuesday he goes to the slaughter house
    to a thankless task
    on wednesday he wakes up alone
    she's gone.
    so he pulls out the car
    drives down the road
    the clutch it stiff
    the stearing is testy
    pushing her past the breaking point
    she's in the red
    and the gears scream
    as sweat breaks out on his face
    the morning is silent
    and the sun isnt up
    but the tires cry out as he hits the breaks
    he slides and jerks along
    and soon
    the only sound is his own tortured breath