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  • Popularity is BS
    Mel Tosch
    13 Nov 2002

    Many people strive to gain popularity. If you have chosen this road one time or another within your life, you know what you are forced to do. You give up so much for such a small prize, and all the crap that comes with it. You lose yourself, as in you,your identity,your taste,fashion sense, your opinnion on things. Everything,it goes. You are deprived of it. But you suck it in and go along with it, hold back the tears over the years just because you have the title of 'popular' or 'well known' or you are in,like, the most popular trendy rad group of the school! Like,wow! Whatever. Been there,done that. Suddenly over it all. Kicked out and branded, a pariah,lone wolf. Suddenly you find yourself and with that your soured opinnion and your strange fashion sense, and your mind. And the tears, held back so long now brimming your eyes endlessly. Was it really worth it all. That depends on why you wanted it in the first palce.