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  • A day in the rocking chair
    18 Sep 2001

    A day in the rocking chair
    sitting comtempating eternity
    ironic isnt it....... the beauty
    crystal clear is the life we want to live
    we both forever somehow it adds up to never
    here today knocking on the door of decision
    not knowing behind that door is reason
    killing my dreams is my treason
    a treason with which I have made my peace
    looking to the sky a cloud gazers delight
    a distant raven in flight
    we may rise with the lark
    but we still dance in the dark
    the phoenix from the flames
    is one of the many mind games
    but yet we still play in the shadows
    hoping for a day among the meadows
    a four year olds wish is not what is seems
    its his millionth step towards lost dreams