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  • Hybiscus Syriacus
    1 Dec 2005

    Hybiscus Syriacus
    (Rose of Sharon)

    Sun shining over the hills
    as I stand in the shadow of the tree.
    Wondering if I will see your beauty
    in all its glory, seeing the pride.
    The pride with which you stand tall.

    Hoping to witness your bright colors
    I cannot wait to see you sway in the wind.
    The sun climbs to new heights
    and lightens the ground you will cover.
    Butterflies in hunger for your nectar

    As the temperature rises
    to make the valley sweet and warm
    you start to grow.
    Slowly arising above the ground,
    immediately youíre a lovely sight.

    Right in front of me you stand.
    My eye catches you and wonít let you go.
    I come closer, the love grows with you.
    Careful slow steps, not to harm you,
    with tenderness I seek a sign.

    Over the hills, the sun still there.
    coming out of the shadow
    I step into the light, oh so bright.
    Not the light of the sun, but your beauty,
    almost stunning me where I stand.

    Now we grow together
    and the light that shines so bright
    will never leave our side.
    For if the sun isnít here,
    the moon will shine for us.

    I wrote this during a period I had some problems with my GF. It isnít the greatest of poems, but thatís because it I usually donít write them at all. It is, however, written from the heart.