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  • Anneliese
    10 May 2004

    My first love, my only love
    Gone and away, lost even
    I remember you
    I think I know, and I know all of it
    Baby girl, lost and gone
    Forgotten, with your myth far and wide
    Who are you? I dread to ask
    For I know the answer
    Your smile dances in dreams
    The end of your story, smell of it,
    in my heart, draining my vitae,
    pulling my eyelids shut, begging for one final release.
    I failed you, but I could not help you.
    Forgive me, recuérdeme.
    Ik houd van u. You know.

    I know who I wrote it for, yet... I don't know. I wish I did. I swear. My tears as evidence