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  • The Order
    21 Apr 2005

    This free verse
    is so I stop nursing
    the awful feeling in my gut

    I must return home
    because I must
    because of blood
    and an ancient promise

    What is waiting for me
    is the stone that sinks me
    and is the one the eats me
    from inside out without care
    of the result of self-destruction

    The 6-sided plate
    which I used to love
    a whole eternity of grief
    kept by bitter herbs, a boiled egg
    a burnt bone, a dipped vegetable
    a bitter vegetable, and a terrible paste

    This order, as we call,
    is an ancient symbol of ....
    That is not what I know, nor do I care
    I know that they do not care about the soul
    or about the heritage
    Just about their name
    Not even that it eats me always, their selfishness