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  • A Sad Comprehensive List of Those Things That Are Colored Nothing
    8 Aug 2005

    These are colored nothing,
    Not to say that they reflect no light,
    like a comfy black T-shirt, midnight sky, the inside of your eyelids.
    Physics is out the picture, if it were ever in.
    They reflect nothing;
    some call This home.

    Worn-in jeans and mirrors, when looked at at at its side,
    Rain Clouds and the road, bisected by yellow
    Rivers running and sand dunes
    Teardrops and spilled seed.
    A lone sock, fallen out of the dryer without its mate
    and a shirt dropped from the washer onto the laundry room floor.
    The last diary page and scratches from an empty pen.
    A bulimic's fingernail and other various scartissue.
    The eyes of a boy watching a girl
    watching her boyfriend.
    And the menu of the girl's friend who has to eat out alone.
    Your palm cupping the asprin
    and the stained botton of the now-empty coffee mug
    A broken heart and a broken Man
    Scuffs on your shoes and
    scratches on your glasses.
    The bags sitting under an insomniacs' Eyes
    and four strands of grey on a head of black.
    Bones, anonymous, in a museum
    and a stretched out roll of film.

    I asked, but no one else thinks
    this list should continue.
    It does, though.
    I don't like riddles, not like this.
    Nothing, here, is the color of alone
    And also don't think things like
    these are unique. Nothing is
    It's a question of perspective
    of where you sit.