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  • Forget Him
    15 Jun 2001

    Forget his name, forget his face
    Forget his kiss, his warm embrace
    Forget his love that was once true
    Remember now there's someone new

    Forget the love that was once shown
    Forget his love, that he once cared
    Forget the time you spent together
    Remember now he's gone forever

    Forget you cried the whole night long
    Forget him when they play your song
    Forget how close you two once were
    Remember now he's chosen her

    Forget you memorized his walk
    Forget the way he used to talk
    Forget the time when he was mad
    Remember now he's happy, not sad

    Forget the times he used to phone
    Forget the times you were alone
    Forget he made your dreams come true
    Remember now there's someone new

    Forget the thrills when he went by
    Forget the times he made you cry
    Forget the way he spoke your name
    Remember now things aren't the same

    Remember the way he held your hand
    Forget the sweet things if you can
    Forget the way he loved you too
    Remember now there's someone new

    Forget the times that went too fast
    Forget them all, they're in the past
    Forget his said "I'll leave you never!"
    Remember now...

    he's gone forever...