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    9 Mar 2005

    Humans are social creatures, so they say. Social situations only end in emotional pain. Maybe you disagree, but think about it. Eventually, one way or another things come crashing down. That loyal friend leaves, that sweet lover finds another, that clown runs out of jokes. Maybe for you it takes weeks or years for something to turn bitter for you. You're lucky, not like me. Every day I fuck it up or just don't know how to react. People love me when I'm there or hate me for no reason. Yesterday left me reeling, asking myself what the hell people's problems are. I found out someone had called me a dyke and was told I was looking sexy. How can I send that different a picture? I don't, I know it, I should feel it. It's just someone putting something they feel on someone else, but that doesn't help me. Humans are social creatures, they need to be able to fuck each other up to deal with their own problems.