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  • The Past Has Passed
    9 Apr 2005

    Are you still my friend? I haven't heard from you, you used to call me every night or see me every week. I know I don't have time for that, you probably don't either. But I wonder. You don't even say anything important when you email me. I wonder if you think the same things about me, if you even bother to think of me. You were like sisters to me from the time I was seven. I know I'm gone now, I don't keep promises, I don't fight to know you. But looking at it from where I am, none of you have tried to know me for quite a while. I am a mystery even to myself.
    Maybe you still love me, but you love the person who you knew me as years ago. I'm not her, I'm alone with this person I am now and I'm terrified.
    But I still wonder, when I'm trying not to think of how long it's been since I saw you or spoke to you, I wonder if you ever worry about me. Sometimes I worry about all of you.