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  • Poetry on Heart Break 2
    Kaydi Chou
    5 Aug 2004

    Appreciation of Beauty

    Appreciation of beauty,
    Your beauty.
    It happens when you turn in the moonlight,
    In the lamplight,
    And the light-
    It hits your face and brightens it up to be like that of an Angel's.
    You take my breath away-
    Like sad love songs that drip out of speakers
    Like water from faucets and rain from grey clouds,
    The songs that make me cry when I think of you,
    And your beauty-
    It's shattered.
    But it's oh so perfect.
    A small guitar chord,
    A little bit of light-
    That's all it takes for me to think of you.
    The simple things are there
    And I still love you.
    I can't help it
    Especially on misty nights
    When the lamplight hits my face
    And I don't see you.



    The rain falls outside in a constant rhythm
    Quiet and crystalline.
    It's warm and dry
    But dark.
    All the lights turned off
    With shadows casted
    And me alone on the floral print couch
    Sweater and flannel pants donned

    Not really gay apparel
    But then again it's not Christmas.

    A mug of cold cocoa and a forgotten book are nearby
    And things are always amiss at my house now

    I look out the window at the grey sky
    And let out a pained breath

    So much for teenage poetry
    So much for written words
    So much for expectations

    Memories come back to me from far away
    Laughter and jests
    Sweet memories that I saved at the time like foil-wrapped chocolates from a heart-shaped box

    But saved chocolate in your pocket always melts
    And makes a mess
    And it's always so difficult to wash away.

    So maybe tears will help,
    I don't know.
    It's raining outside, and I feel like crying.


    Amiss- Part 2

    An hour it's been raining
    And I'm still alone on the couch
    House still dark and hot chocolate still cold
    But it doesn't matter.
    Days like this remind me of that time we were at the park
    And a thunderstorm came
    Everyone else left and we were alone in the rain
    We slid on the grass, staining our jeans
    Laughing and carrying on even though you had work tomorrow and I still had errands to run
    At one point, as you slid to a stop beside me
    Your smile was wide and white in the grey of the rain
    And drops of water ran down your nose
    I will never forget how
    At that moment
    You turned to me and your gaze become tender
    I lived for moments like that
    And looking out at the rain today
    My heart breaks as I think of how you're gone and moments like that can't be lived for anymore
    Shakily, I grab the hot chocolate and drink
    The taste of tears makes it bitter


    Guilty Soul

    Pyramus and Thisbe
    Whispered love songs through a crack in the wall
    I just hope I'm lucky like them
    And get what I deserve in the end

    One of two loves is lost tonight
    And, boy, do I sure hope it's me
    Because out of the two of us
    You are the most worthy for a long and fulfilled life

    Mulberry trees
    White as snow
    Serve as meeting places for doomed lovers to go
    So I'll steal away in the middle of the night
    Won't you come meet me?

    I want to see you one last time before I die.

    I want to be your Thisbe.



    Witty with the ability to think on your feet
    Well, you must be pretty damn pleased with yourself
    Sorry I don't have cartridges of lines stored up my sleeves
    If I did, I would have fired them all by now anyway

    Persistantly brilliant
    I just hope this conversation's got enough stimulant
    To keep you awake
    While I try to think of something funny to say

    Like really bad movies
    And overrated TV shows
    I laugh nervously and stick both my hands in my pockets
    A little awkward and a little weird
    Give me a sign when you're ready to go

    We'll head down to the river
    Have a smoke and keep it quiet
    Cause you may be wittier
    But I'm the one in love