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  • Poetry on Heart Break 3
    Kaydi Chou
    14 Mar 2005


    I can feel you course through my veins.
    Slit my throat and let you drip away.
    Puddles of you make for unattractive decor,
    Still I can't complain.

    Splashes of you along my walls
    Reminds me of a time when I used to know
    Exactly what I wanted,
    Exactly what I needed,
    Exactly how much of you I could take.

    But overdoses make for killer closest,
    And too much of you means I've got poison running through my veins.
    Everyone sings of suicidal, virulent endings;
    I've got a literal one to call my own.

    Sing me a song to sleep by.
    Give me one last drink.
    After I down the burn in the back of my throat,
    I'll be sure of you to think.

    While I throw up all my insides
    And watch you bleed out my jugular vein-
    Drinking alcohol before like this you die-
    Everything comes out the way it came.

    So this is my ending,
    My last song, scene, and sandy grain.
    Let me pound back one more drink
    And feel you come out the way you came.