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  • Anteira, Story 1
    Kaydi Chou
    25 Aug 2004

    A long time ago, long before the Western World existed as we know it today, there was a place that has long been forgotten. The name is now not known and even its place on the map has been erased. But the stories of this forgotten land have remained with us, deep within the cracks of the mind.

    This is the story of Anteira- a place washed away by Ulibyr and carried to the depths, where it lays still and buried. Lands die. People die. When everything has become dust, just one thing will remain as whispers over the surface. Memories.

    This is the story of the creation of Anteira.


    When the air was still dark and open,
    With no body to warm it,
    The stars and suns came together and spoke.
    "There is nothing here for us;
    nothing to live by or for.
    How shall we pass on our wisdom and stories,
    for even stars and suns die with the passing of time."

    One star, wise beyond his years,
    spoke out.
    "Take a part of me with you.
    Carry me across the empty space and hold me to your breast.
    Add on to me and let me grow-
    Cultivate me and let your people live upon me.
    But always honor my memory- never forget my sacrifice."

    The other stars and suns agreed,
    And as the star faded, each of the others took a part of him.
    They returned to their corners of space and began to mold the piece of star.
    The first sun to finish molding his piece
    Made it blue and green-
    A swirled glass bead set as a speck among the white and black of the other stars.

    The sun, whose name was Deiros, worked with great earnest upon the world.
    He set out many oceans and even more numerous seas.
    He made hills and mountains,
    Peaks that would reach the tip of the skies.
    He chiseled canyons and scored rivers,
    Pulling out waterfalls and sweeping in blue lagoons.
    Deiros was an artist of the stars,
    And the world he created made it evident that he was so.

    However, a thousand years passes like the batting of a gentle lash
    to a sun.

    So, within a day, Deiros was done.
    He looked at the deep blue oceans and the jagged mountains,
    And became greatly saddened.
    There was nothing else to enjoy the things he had created.
    So, Deiros consulted the things he had made.

    Goddess of the sky named Alduna said that she was lovely.
    At night she had a velvet coat of black.
    At day she had a shroud of blue.
    And in between, she was dressed with the royalties that the first daughter of the sun deserved.

    God of the Waters named Ulibyr said that he was mighty.
    His waters could carve away at the hard earth,
    And in places where they swirled and led to hidden depths,
    He thought himself mysterious and quick.

    When the sun spoke to them both together,
    He asked which one was greater than the other.
    Alduna said she was for she covered the expanses of water,
    And formed the clouds that carried Ulibyr to the earth.
    Ulibyr said he was for he could move in anyway he wanted,
    And because Alduna could do nothing while Ulibyr could send his rains.

    Both bickered bitterly until Deiros spoke again.
    "You are both powerful in your own rights.
    Join together and bear children.
    Let them enjoy what I have created-
    The both of you and your offspring.
    The winds and the rain,
    The clouds and the seas,
    The mountains and the hills and the plains."

    Ulibyr looked upon the Alduna, and saw that she was beautiful.
    Every evening as Deiros left the two alone,
    Ulibyr could see the rosy blush and royal violet Alduna wore to bed.
    Alduna looked upon the Ulibyr, and saw that he was handsome.
    Every morning as Deiros would rise to greet them,
    Alduna could see cascading waterfalls that brushed her gently.
    Soon they had fallen in love,
    And the waters hugged the sky closer every day.

    One night, as Deiros left them,
    Alduna put on an especially beautiful garment
    Of pink and vanilla and gold.
    Ulibyr, aroused, brought forth soft mists to touch her.
    The sky shuddered, and lightning lashed out onto the water.
    Ulibyr drew back, alarmed at the warmth and sharpness of Alduna's touch.
    Usually the goddess was gentle.

    "I am sorry," Alduna confessed.
    She was indeed the daughter of Deiros.
    "Do not be," Ulibyr murmured back,
    And he sent to her heavy rains that massaged her.
    Again, Alduna lashed back out with lightning,
    But Ulibyr did not mind.
    He replied with his own mighty waves,
    And sang to her from his depths.
    He reached out with his rains and storms.
    And she responded with her fog and winds.

    Soon the fog became mist,
    And the storms moved with new force from the winds.
    The whole earth heaved and moved,
    As the oceans lifted the sky,
    And the sky melted into the depths of the rivers.
    All around thunder and lightning crashed and bolted,
    And Ulibyr and Alduna broke into each other's depths-
    Ulibyr pushing into Alduna's bounds with towering waves,
    And Alduna sinking onto Ulibyr, feelings his waves touch her inner boundaries.

    Eventually, both bodies settled and the earth became still.
    When Deiros rose to greet them the next morning,
    He found them unlike he had left them.
    Both were deeply intwined,
    And history would see that the two would never seperate again.

    Deiros also found something new upon the earth.
    Small and weak beings crawled around,
    Naked and shivering.
    During the night, the earth had become loosened with the joining of Alduna and Ulibyr,
    And each new speck that had been loosened
    That was washed with water
    And hardened by rain
    became bodies.
    And in that way, people came to live upon the earth.
    They were the children of the Sky goddess and the Ocean god,
    and so,
    as they grew
    they pryaed to Alduna and Ulibyr.

    Alduna and Ulibyr would also have other children-
    Blessed beings made to help along their fellow men.
    They would have Ardyur, god of Power and Justice and Life.
    Jyuid, god of Courage and Journeys and Death.
    Aurith, goddess of Wisdom and Peace.
    Peorine, goddess of Harvest and Patience.
    Meyrd, god of Blood and War.
    Peivya, goddess of Architecture and Messenger to the other gods.
    Hyild, goddess of Wit, Love, and Theivery.
    Iuperd, god of Wine, Love making, and Health.
    So are the names of a few of the gods,
    And each with their own story.
    But those are different stories,
    And this is the one of how you and I were created-
    By the joining of the heavens and the depths.

    Supposed to be Greecian-ish. Still a work in progress... Any feedback?