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  • Snake Song
    Bazooka Wing
    27 Aug 2004

    Do it again... lift it to your lips and inhale...

    Watch the snake as he slithers the sky.
    Tidal waves of cosmic fire, burn... Like a funeral pyre.
    A lazy shift into united states of...
    Paranormal pieces or something like that.
    Purple doorways and disorderly black holes.
    Um, what did I just say?
    Watch the wyrm as she engulfs the Earth.
    Hurricane of ice, frozen waste... Swallowed in haste.
    A little to the right of normality. Wait...
    That's not even a real word.
    The train has de-railed.
    Watch the dragon as it carves the stars.
    A slow spiral of twisting vines and leaves... Being born.
    The vines wrap around my legs and plant me down...
    Hold me dear.

    Translucent aliens hold my hand.
    Smile and wave like circus freaks.
    Dance around like... Headless chickens.
    Spiral down like... The milky way.

    Watch the bear give birth in the sky.
    The cubs just right, speck in your eye.
    Dawn is tomarrow is and tomarrow isn't today.
    Dusk is tonight, and tonight is A Okay.
    Tonight is A Okay.

    I wrote this under the influence of hallucinagines.