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    Alex Rehmar
    12 Sep 2004

    Does it seem such a tragedy to anyone else that the force of hate unites and motivates more efficiently than any other? We are a species that finds no better reason to come together than communal malice.

    Take the holocaust for example. Hitler brought the German nation together under one leader and one set of ideals and beliefs. He lead them to greatness on many levels, and was one of the most maniacal and simultaneously powerful men in the world. He accomplished all of this by rousing the hate inside his people, to a people living among them that were not the same as they were. He made the germans hate, and they loved him for it, and they fought for it. The world now hates him for the hate that he bred.

    Lest we forget however, that he was not the only one who has come to this realization. Be it potentially accidental, George Bush's "War on Terror" had the same underlining motivator as the holocaust. He used a horrific event that he had the power to stop, to rile the American people to his cause. He initially sought to root out Osama Bin Laden, but quickly changed his sights to a family feud. He gathered troops behind the mirage of freedom for the Middle East and a giant American flag that blew with the winds of "Democracy". Beneath the surface there was no more to this "war" than a release of pent up rage at those whom we recently grew to hate.

    Additionally, the founding and expansion of the United States. How did we come to be here? We left England for religious freedom, and founded a country where you could have such a thing...if you were a protestant. And ne'er should we forget to remind ourselves that we are better than anyone who does not look like us, share our customs, or speak our language. If they do not believe in our "God" and our "savior" then they are wrong, and we will persecute and torture the heretics until they change their ways or die. Good thing our nation was founded by such loving and compassionate people as the puritans.

    But these are not the only things in the world that show us the superior abilites of hate and loathing. No, religion remains to be the number one excuse for abhoring your "foe". "He may look the same as i do, but he does not have my beliefs, so in the name of 'God' I must annihilate him." Far be it from "God" to give all his "creations", or abominations rather, the ability to conquer hate and love one another. Throughout the eons religion has been the ultimate reason for hatred. Nothing could possibly give you a better excuse for prejudice than the all mighty. As it has done for millenia, so shall it continue to do, as Hitler showed us, and again we were shown by George Bush, and will be shown again by a new dictator.

    As hate birthed the society that we live in and generated the taboos that we live by. It will continue to be taught subtly in school and church and home and on television, and the radio every day for years to come. And eventually chaos will ensue, and that which made us will destroy us all. I for one vote against such an end, even if i never see it. Love in the right amount, and properly applied can make all things better and save humanity. Make peace, forgive and forget, and love everyone until death, your own.