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    15 Mar 2005

    Well, one day, I had been looking at a friends site whose name will remain anonymous (but, You, don't feel insignificant! :)) and I really enojoyed looking at it and reading his it made me realize how much more one could get to know a friend by reading things they write. You really get inside their head a lot more. So, I have never been one to love sharing things I write with others, but it was almost like a "new years resolution" type of action; one where I pushed myself to do it. I thought, hell, why not...what's there to hide, really. I thought it would be neat for friends to see a side of me that may not show on the surface. I had started the site just as somewhere to be able to put my things, then later had decided to allow my friends to know it's there. I hope you enjoy it, if anyone is actually reading this..if anyone actually took time to read and get to know me a little more...Thanks if you did, makes me feel a little special:P