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  • The art of pushing someone in to a ditch and leaving them to die alone
    12 Feb 2005

    I tried to tell you that i care but you just stood there and stared and then you pushed me away. Ive taken off my mask and youve seen what i tried to acted sincere but, you mocked me inside.I begged for forgiveness but you pushed me aside and thats when i witnessed your bittereness and anger towards those that reminded you of your own uglyness.I guess its best to stay on my own and show no remorse to the worst actions that ive shown because its more acceptable to show violence and anger than to enjoy the silence and show affection to others.peace always seems further than forever and the chaos feeds the hunger of the beast that have grown way stronger than i would prefer.i want to save you. i tried to help you but your pride took over. I tried to tell you that they try to sell you and that what you see as truth is nothing but the monster covered in flowers.the more i care for others the more they cast me i try to figure out how to get back in and it seems as if the only way is to sin.its a battle i cant win. so i embraced the beast and you welcomed me in. but then i realized when i looked you in the eye that you are just like me. ugly, confused and with tragedies to hide. and i realized im just like you, living in my lies. i dont wanna be reminded of what i really am. so i pushed you away as fast as i can.