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  • Hold Me Back...
    26 Mar 2005

    Hold me back.. the shades of black... the darkness that falls.. Inside the walls of my head.. I ' m dead.. laid to rest.. with the rest.. for the rest of eternity.. left to disappoint me... what we could and might have been.. empty, nothing is left.. gone, no longer your pawn.. freed, yet held back, And it ' s your fault.. now turn and face me.. tell me you love me.. than do the same thing over and over.. in my head.. I am dead.. but I enjoy every second.. calling out to me once more.. I don ' t want to know the lies, or how many times you ' ve tried.. and lied.. I ' ve just untied the noose.. it dropped me loose. hit the floor, Got up and ran.. as far as I can away from this place.. the hell you create.. I ' ll find someone new.. I ' m tired of you, You and your shit.. just turned and spit.. In my eyes.. I hope you die.. how many times I ' ve cried.. and tried to make an attempt to show what you meant to me.. now your nothing.. I ' m better with out you.. The pain I feel inside.. has just died.. now happy.. how many times you slapped me.. not with your fist but your words.. It hurts.. but now its dead.. Just like you.. You held me back.. I thought you were my darkened corner.. but all you were was blackened heart.. But now I ' ll have A new start.. and you ' ll be dead...