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  • echo down the tunnel
    4 Dec 2002

    you laugh and scream and writhe in
    dance up and down I cannot see
    you clearly
    your tears falling wax
    acid that burns all their way into
    the white raw flesh that lies waiting
    my impeccable silence
    my bleeding sight
    my blistered tongue
    melt down my prints

    if only to see you better.

    what are you that
    follow close at my heels, raspy whispers echoing in my head
    Squeeze me from within
    my eyes close to yours
    your lips barely touching mine,
    Draw a breath.

    And I died in your embrace.

    a jerk. a spasm.

    Froth at my mouth
    Pound and strike
    a clown toes the thread
    That spins its way into the net
    that sews my eyes wide open
    To look into the pond forever

    A ghost of
    the smoke that dips into a curve
    craving to hold me
    once more

    and I saw.

    I Saw His Great Image behind the crimson curtain! His Smiling Face! His Hand that Holds the Whip!

    And I died in your embrace.
    the murmurs never-ending.