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  • He Calls Me America
    Adam Blackrock
    30 Oct 2003

    He stumbles from the shadows
    Tripping over rocks as he comes.
    He calls me America, laughing,
    And slurring his words.
    America, why you come here?
    He says, trips again, and falls
    To his hands and knees. For just
    One moment his face is lit,
    And he glances up pleadingly.
    When he stands, though, he's more serious;
    In this darkness I imagine him to be
    Some sort of fairy tale monster.
    He even bares his teeth and growls.
    Why do you take my life away?
    I walk faster, clenching my fists.
    He tries to follow me, but he can't
    Keep his balance. When I'm out of reach
    He resorts to yelling at me:
    America, America
    Over and over again
    Why do you take my life away?