Created: Mon Dec 3 07:14:07 2001

If you were offered the answer to one of the most important questions you have, what question would you ask?

margo <>
Mon Dec 3 15:11:12 2001

How do you talk to an angel?

Per <>
Mon Dec 3 15:52:03 2001

Who is Tyler Durden ?

David Fairbanks <>
Mon Dec 3 18:46:21 2001

why does the nice guy always gets the shit end of the stick in relationships?

Noel <>
Mon Dec 3 23:07:11 2001

Just exactly how many pickles did Peter Piper pick?

Cody <>
Tue Dec 4 14:17:32 2001

What's our purpose in life and why does it have to be so hard to get through. To answer your question David Fairbanks... It's because woman always get the wet end of the stick.

jenn <>
Wed Dec 5 01:00:05 2001

is it possible to love someone and be completly in love with them, and they are THE ONE for you, but your not THE ONE for them? is god really that mean?

KD <>
Wed Dec 5 11:33:10 2001

does god exist??what is humankinds role in the universe??

drea <>
Wed Dec 5 14:50:12 2001

does all the work really matter and if it does, why?

Shazzer <>
Wed Dec 5 15:07:18 2001

What came first the chicken or the egg?

Jeff <>
Wed Dec 5 19:45:03 2001

Why do people neglect the fact that life is not a puzzle waiting to be solved, but rather is simply a spectacle to behold? So much time is wasted questioning, and time is not something we have much of here.

Eleanor <>
Wed Dec 5 20:52:55 2001

Why can't things just be simple?

BronxNY <>
Wed Dec 5 21:28:35 2001

Why, oh why, must men and women think so goddamn differently? And why can't we just be born with a "meaning of life" instruction manual?

Alena <>
Thu Dec 6 00:33:35 2001

Why do we have to judge those we don't know... why do people feel the need to hurt others with unnecessary words or actions when we're all looking for the same thing?

Zander <>
Thu Dec 6 17:40:50 2001

why do we grow weak and weary with time?

Ashes <>
Fri Dec 7 20:19:50 2001

Why can't everyone wear a little sign around their neck that says everything about them? That flashes the word -soulmate- if they were the person created for you. wouldn't it be wonderful, if the sign could tell you anything, and you wouldn't have to get hurt? some people's would say "Backstabber", some would say "Greedy", "Friendly", Kind-hearted", "Giving", "Inventive", "Virgin". anything. everything.

Sun Dec 9 11:22:43 2001

selfish as it sounds, ive only got one question - what will make me happy?

Evan <>
Thu Dec 13 18:46:35 2001

i'm not looking for any sort of life meanings, just tell me the winning lottery numbers?

Agent <>
Wed Dec 19 19:11:16 2001

Is there an infinity and eternity?

gaspi <>
Thu Dec 20 15:42:58 2001

Is the true love possible without any pain?

Mon Dec 24 18:33:37 2001

What is true love?

Thu Dec 27 17:04:29 2001

why do we love?

Cheeze <>
Mon Dec 31 21:03:45 2001

Small and simple question: why do cows moo?

arlene <>
Mon Dec 31 22:28:16 2001

how do i get over it?

Aeon <>
Wed Jan 2 22:57:19 2002

God, why do you make stupid people and why haven't you killed them off yet?

just a mab <>
Thu Jan 24 00:12:16 2002

who is the one person that could make my heart stop at a single glance?

zeroisnine <>
Mon Jan 28 02:59:23 2002

is everything going to be alright?

Denise <>
Tue Jan 29 20:16:02 2002

Why do we do bad, when we're given so many opportunities to do good?

Karthik <>
Mon Feb 4 05:18:24 2002

Okay, I bitch about stuff happening, and I hear "life's not fair." I wonder, why's it never unfair in my advantage, and if it ever is, why don't I have the intellect or insight to see that?

Kere <>
Wed Feb 6 13:25:05 2002

Just how much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood? And..what the hell is in Spam?! And if those can't be answered, I'd want to know why the aardvark, but not the hippopotamus.

Miss muffet (aka bread-n-butter) <>
Wed Feb 6 13:35:45 2002

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

Eve <>
Sat Feb 16 18:58:08 2002

If we do not desire, will exactly what we need come to us in time? Or do we waste our time trusting in fate?

Dave <>
Tue Feb 19 17:20:33 2002

Where is the transcedence of spirit that was mentioned in all the brochures?

VaiL <>
Tue Feb 26 13:15:50 2002

Why does skin colour matter so much to us?

chanz <>
Mon Mar 4 03:54:02 2002

why did she force me to walk away......

mike <>
Sat Mar 16 06:42:39 2002

how did the Egyptians build those pyramids?? did they use part of the brain we dont....

Miss muffet <>
Sat Mar 30 08:11:48 2002

If I asked you just what the hell is wrong with people, why would you not answer?

elle <>
Wed Apr 10 13:58:41 2002

Will I ever know what changed my sister, and will she ever forgive us?

George <>
Fri Apr 12 17:27:33 2002

This is a reply for ana, the thing that will make you happy is that which you enjoy doing with your life.

Kida <>
Tue Apr 16 18:25:22 2002

Why do people we love have to die? Why does anyone have to die?

Thu May 9 20:31:45 2002

Honestly, this is selfish, but I gotta know sometime...Where would I locate the "perfect" guitar? I don't mean a great one, but the Holy Grail of all acoustic Guitars in all the universe ever....and how come I can't ever find it?

Adrienne <>
Wed Mar 26 19:13:10 2003

Can anyone ever really be unselfish?

khentanots <>
Wed Apr 30 19:22:02 2003

what is life?

Fri May 30 10:40:17 2003

Why does love hurt so bad and hate not?

Sat May 31 08:48:41 2003

Who is Keyser Soze?

Hope <>
Sat Jun 14 23:29:04 2003

why can't I help myself and get over my eating disorder? I know I have a problem, but I CAN'T SEEM TO HELP MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amber <>
Sun Oct 12 07:09:30 2003

Billions of people run the gauntlet of being tempted, fallen and possibly redeemed, but for what? We're still nothing but pale reflections, mere shadows of minor facets in the creator's personality. It's still just listening to voices in its head.

Elle <>
Tue Oct 14 00:46:33 2003

would anyone notice if i wasn't here.

sarvar <>
Wed Dec 10 04:51:48 2003

Oh Lord, Lord, if you are there, where are you, Lord?

saatvik <>
Fri Sep 24 00:33:04 2004

Whats my purpose on earth?

vibhav <>
Tue Oct 19 03:08:54 2004

God, O.K. I am here. Now what am I supposed to do?

Thu Aug 25 15:00:42 2005

why do humans in general have this need to find out information they dont really have to know?

Chelly <>
Wed Mar 1 02:10:51 2006

What is the cure for AIDS and CANCER?

Em Leach <>
Sun Jun 18 05:37:19 2006

Was Kurt Cobain murdered?!!! I cant belive no-one has put that!!!!

sam <>
Wed Sep 13 12:39:32 2006

what happens after judgment day?

Celeste <>
Tue Feb 6 15:45:53 2007

A note to 'Ashes', above: I don't think it would be possible for people to wear signs saying 'greedy', 'backstabber', and 'kind-hearted' because nobody can be said to be any of those things, explicity. We're all a mix of every quality, every emotion possible. Our individuality is simply a question of proportions.

My question... I don't know if there's really anything I want to know.. the meaning of life isn't something you could just be told, because I think it's a personal answer, not an absolute one. Maybe I'd it okay to say you love someone but to be in utter confusion about them inside? Is that wrong?
What does 'wrong' mean? Is there any such thing as 'right'?

naya <>
Mon May 28 17:46:26 2007

for's all in your brain, he the one the you leads you, but you can lead instead if you want. my question is..what happens after we die? where do we go? Do we get the chance to live again?

Fri Jan 9 04:13:37 2009

will i ever truly be able to love another person after puck? i have this voice inside that says once and only once. never again after him.

how will it end? in a whisper or a fight that tears down the very fabric of our relationship?

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