Created: Wed Jan 16 00:45:36 2002

What is the one advice you'd give to your child?

Graham <>
Wed Jan 16 05:48:24 2002

Listen to your gut. It knows to stay away from choices you will later regret.

Raymond <>
Wed Jan 16 08:44:55 2002

"Keep in mind, no one's got it right, yet."

Karen Marie Llorens <>
Wed Jan 16 10:14:56 2002

Don't ever, ever, be afraid to fall in love. Love as many people as much as you possibly can. To love is such a wonderful feeling, and there is no rush like it in the world. Make yourself a person who needs physical affection and love to be able to survive, to wake up every morning, to function. Love. Just to love and be loved.

Dreamer <somewhere@out.there>
Wed Jan 16 10:50:57 2002

Life is always telling you things. And no matter how big you become or no matter how small you feel, listen.

Jasdev Singh <>
Wed Jan 16 13:45:29 2002

Explore all you can. Know all you can. Give all you can and when you ask what life is all about and dont have the all the answers , you might just realise life is how we ought to make it be.

A. <>
Wed Jan 16 14:44:24 2002

Don't Regret ANYTHING.

gaspi <>
Wed Jan 16 15:08:58 2002

Follow your heart...

Wed Jan 16 18:10:54 2002

I know it sounds harsh, but I would be sure to tell my child to realize that life is unfair. Throughout their lives, they will witness the kindest kid at school get picked on, they will work for a boss who treats them horribly, they will get their heart broken by someone they love, they will do things they later regret, they will wish they had done things they never got a chance to, they will lose someone they love, they will fail a test at school, they will cry themselves to sleep certain nights, and they will stand back and watch the injustices that unfold before them. But I will also be sure to tell that child to never give up, no matter how bad things may seem, because there is no greater feeling than being able to look back and see that all their hard work paid off. :)

Ashes <>
Wed Jan 16 19:04:23 2002

If i had to tell my child one thing, i'd tell them to hold on to their childhood for as long as they possibly can. Because childhood is what you try your whole life to overcome, and sometimes it's okay to hold onto it, but other times you can't. other times you HAVE to be grown up. so cling to the childlike abandon for as long as you possibly can. That innocence can only be kept for a little while, and so it's okay to get in a little trouble, and to love with all your heart. just don't have regrets, and don't let your childhood rip by.

TickTock Man <>
Wed Jan 16 19:18:54 2002

Every day, ask yourself, "If I knew I would die tomorrow, what would be important to me today?"

Leigh <>
Wed Jan 16 19:39:33 2002

That you are beautiful just how you are, not to listen why other tell you to change. To respect that everyone else is beautiful just as they are as well, and dont expect them to change.

Agent <>
Wed Jan 16 22:04:24 2002

Stay lighthearted. If you let yourself turn to stone, the world will make you crumble.

HiroKerupe <>
Wed Jan 16 22:16:16 2002

Read. Read everything.

Lydia <>
Thu Jan 17 08:42:00 2002

Well, i would hate to see my children make some of the same mistakes that i have, but they need to learn on their own...they need to learn that life isnt always fair and that each person needs to learn how to deal with what has goes on!

Emily <>
Thu Jan 17 14:52:13 2002

The events of one day separate a winner from a loser. All the people you thought were on the bottom of the pile yesterday might not be there today. Watch yourself.

Loss Loved
Thu Jan 17 19:12:30 2002

dance as if no one is watching you

Neelia <>
Fri Jan 18 18:48:50 2002

Three things to live by: Take care of children and animals, Be true to those who love you, and Beware of bookburners.

Richard <>
Sat Jan 19 19:22:21 2002

Be sure to live (as well as leave) this life loving a conscience that is clear.

Sun Jan 20 08:28:40 2002

Don't sweat the petty things....and don't pet the sweaty things.

Sun Jan 20 09:29:41 2002

never trust anybody. they always let you down.

Jack's smirking revenge. <>
Sun Jan 20 12:41:03 2002

Give generously. Give them your personality. Give them your opinion. Give them no excuses. Give them an attitude they will never forget. But, what ever you do, there is something you should never give.

A shit.

Laura <>
Mon Jan 21 02:32:22 2002

Learn to question everything. Never, ever take anything, or anyone for that matter, at face value. Deconstruct everything.

paul <>
Mon Jan 21 11:08:10 2002

stay as you are, so that you don't become someone like me.

Mon Jan 21 11:09:24 2002

don't let the sun go down on your anger. i wish i could aleays stick by this.

zeroisnine <>
Mon Jan 28 02:28:02 2002

all those simple things are alot harder then you think, but they are worth it.

Mat J <>
Thu Jan 31 08:21:25 2002

Life is like a charlie chaplain movie where the little guys kicks the big guy in the ass. The big guy turns round and Charlie acts all nonchalant, then carries on working. Charlie thinks he's got away with it and turns his back to the big guy who dutifully kicks him in the ass. What I'm trying to say is if you kick the world in the ass it going to know it was you and do it back. Life is a series of humourus kicks to the ass.

Karthik <>
Mon Feb 4 04:44:55 2002

Look at me, and if you like what you see, you're definitely not aiming high enough. While you must be happy with yourself, never, ever assume that you can't get better. Only person who ever stopped improving is either dead or might as well be.

Bread-n-butter <>
Tue Feb 5 01:57:21 2002

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.

Oh, and just say No.

Jaimee <>
Wed Feb 6 16:46:20 2002

Don't have children

Sun Feb 10 18:23:14 2002

wear clothes that flatter your figure

sci <>
Mon Feb 11 16:04:33 2002

you're beautiful, intellient and worth the whole world.

becky <>
Wed Feb 13 14:00:40 2002

Love with all your heart, the pain is worth it.

Belle <>
Sun Feb 17 22:58:50 2002

Piss people off, make people laugh, live so that no one questions you, help people up when they fall, and never ever become predictable.

Dave <>
Tue Feb 19 18:05:51 2002

Never trust authority. Always find your own truth.

VaiL <>
Tue Feb 26 13:37:21 2002

No matter what happens, put one foot in front of the other and keep going.

brittany <>
Sun Mar 3 19:20:52 2002

walk on. . . .

sandy <>
Fri Mar 15 06:15:54 2002

live Ur life darling and don't let other people live Ur dreams...... do what U want to do.

@cedude <>
Sun Mar 24 16:33:22 2002

Never fear anyone or anything...

S. <>
Mon Apr 1 12:07:07 2002

Love with all your heart, because everyone needs love, no matter how much they manage to deny it, always stay true to who you are, do things for your own reasons, not because other people want you to, and always, always, always, LAUGH at least once a day.

Ash <>
Sun Apr 7 10:39:20 2002

Don't take Blu Tack for granted. It wont be there when you most need it.

And take your hands off that chocolate. You'll understand when you reach pubrty.

chan <>
Thu Apr 11 02:26:57 2002

know thyself
be thyself
follow thy heart

mal <theburningofeden@hotmailcom>
Fri Apr 12 15:49:31 2002

don't turn out like me.

McDeus <>
Mon Apr 15 00:45:15 2002

Whatever you're doing, be aware that someone less intelligent than you has a great deal more power.

Zeedo <>
Tue Apr 30 23:40:27 2002

Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.

Sassy Susan
Wed May 1 10:05:19 2002

when they trip you over, get up and keep on running

Jessica <>
Thu May 9 20:04:08 2002

Keep cool, but don't freeze.

jaffy <>
Thu May 30 04:51:00 2002

don't ever let someone you love let go but don't hold on them too tight either..

apen <>
Fri Jun 13 04:47:15 2003

Try evrything once.

Hope <>
Sat Jun 14 23:38:15 2003

yes, I know this is ripped off from Buffy: seize the moment. Tomorrow you might be dead. (granted, I might change it when the kids are young...)

Nikki <>
Thu Jul 17 11:49:56 2003

listen to a combination of your head and your heart, your head knows whats logical, your heart knows whats right....but most of all, above anything else, listen to God, because he will never, ever led you astray.

Tue Nov 18 00:36:08 2003

Live and Let Die

Wed Dec 17 13:15:27 2003

Dont regret the choices u make and follow ur feelings

Kira <>
Thu Sep 15 17:35:28 2005

Be polite on the phone. When you initiate a call, identify yourself prior to asking for the person you want to speak to. Say "May I," "Please" and "Thank you."

Thu May 17 18:32:56 2007

always follow your heart and dont let anyone take that away from you. Dont let people put you down, always stay strong and keeping moving on.If people are mean to you be nice to them and then they might have a change of heart.

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