Created: Sun Feb 10 00:20:13 2002

What is the craziest thing you have ever done for love?

Terry <>
Sun Feb 10 02:23:58 2002

I broke up with two most important girls in my life.

Kere <>
Sun Feb 10 05:57:41 2002

The craziest thing I have ever done for love is nothing.. And that's pretty damn crazy if you ask me.

Emily <>
Sun Feb 10 10:59:03 2002

I've been silent when I should have spoken, spoken when I should have been silent. I've looked the other way when I should have paid attention, and I've read too deeply into things that weren't really important. I've even doubted myself, which is the saddest thing.

EMP <>
Sun Feb 10 15:06:20 2002

Walked over 400 miles just to see her face.

wen <>
Sun Feb 10 16:30:14 2002

let her go.

Sun Feb 10 17:16:48 2002

I think the penalty is 4-5 months in county lock up or a hefty fine. And having students loans to pay, I probably shouldn't say.

Sun Feb 10 18:25:35 2002

i fell in love with a guy i swore was just a friend.

Agent <>
Sun Feb 10 22:06:45 2002

I left my friends to be seen as a better person by a girl. It was a horrible mistake.

paul <>
Mon Feb 11 12:02:38 2002

i married.

sci <>
Mon Feb 11 16:03:18 2002

risking dearest friendship

Rocket Girl <>
Mon Feb 11 17:24:16 2002

Let them walk away. Got rewarded by their love and forgiveness...over 3 years later... It was worth it.

Brittany <>
Mon Feb 11 21:05:00 2002

Even though I know he never meant to, I allowed him to hurt me time and time again. Too bad it's not a perfect world, huh?

Jay <>
Mon Feb 11 22:43:49 2002

Nothing and everything. I live only for that love

yippie <>
Mon Feb 11 22:48:45 2002

I lost a guy i really loved because of my x had some incriminating pics and would have used them if i hadnt given him another chance so i let the guy who made me happiest mr ppllc go.then later she told me i should have let him use them because she had already told her hubby about them so i guess i lost for nothing!but at least mr. ppllc is happy now

Mon Feb 11 22:51:54 2002

for love, fell into it.. then, when it was over for her, never let on that i kept on feeling it

Phil t. <>
Tue Feb 12 20:16:43 2002

Not really for love, but rather it's the craziest thing in conjuction to love that I've done. Quite simply put, falling into love.

Caterpillar <>
Wed Feb 13 00:40:38 2002

I live.

A. <>
Wed Feb 13 03:28:07 2002

basically nothing, just once i could not sleep well...but dude i think i am in love all the time

gaspi <>
Wed Feb 13 15:51:49 2002

fell into love and didn't care what she things about me

Laura <>
Sun Feb 17 11:19:39 2002

risked the friendship, which was worth it, questioned too much, accepted too litte, and lost the most nearest to love i have had, and still am unable to speak what i still may not be the craziest, but it def. is the stupidest....

Karen Marie Llorens <>
Tue Feb 19 13:28:02 2002

The craziest thing I ever did for love ......was just that, fall in love. I promised myself I would never do that. I never needed it. Til I met him, and he changed every thing I ever said , and ever felt about love. Pretty crazy ...I let him change me....but I gotta say it was all worth it.

Dave <>
Tue Feb 19 17:12:38 2002

The craziest thing I ever did for love was to equate her love with my happiness. When she left, it followed on her heels.

brittany <>
Sun Mar 3 19:35:58 2002

i let it change who i really was and who i wanted 2 b ....

Karthik <>
Mon Mar 4 12:52:03 2002

I broke up with her... hoped it would change her... if you want to know if it's changed her, ask me in a few months...

mike <>
Sat Mar 16 06:41:23 2002

bought a 20 train ticket to Liverpool and went on my own to see a girl i wasn't sure existed....lcuky for me she did.

zeroisnine <>
Sun Mar 24 19:44:20 2002

there was this one girl that i used to like, and i didn't really know how to talk with her or what to say to her so i slip little poems and drawings into her locker.

unfortunately this turned out badly as it freaked her out and she blocked me off AIM. (i got over this pretty well in the "she doesn't like you sense" though the fact that i freaked her out freaked me out a bit...)

might not be as crazy as whatever the hell you did at some point in time, but there is a moral to the story.

course i have no idea what that is.

chan <>
Wed Apr 3 03:42:47 2002

forgive her

blushingboy <>
Sun May 19 13:55:12 2002

Traveled to the other side of the planet to find it. Found it as true as could be. Went home alone wihtout saying goodbye.

jaffy <>
Thu May 30 04:48:08 2002

letting go of an angel that i've loved seen kindergarden

Jacqui <>
Sat Oct 9 13:56:36 2004

Denied liking someone or going out with him because my friends thought he was weird/stupid/ugly/not 'cool' enough etc... I regret it, because I STILL like him :-/

Sabrina <>
Sun May 15 22:25:18 2005

broke my mom's heart cuz i went away with my ex for two days...

cody <>
Fri Mar 24 04:04:08 2006

tapped on a girls window at 230 in the morning, only to greet her parents after freaking her out for twenty minutes (without knowing it). makes a great story though.

Mon Jul 10 00:09:06 2006

let one take over my life, and come to realize she was evil.

Tasleem-ul-Islam <>
Sat Oct 7 02:12:21 2006

let her go,

Naya <>
Wed May 30 17:10:40 2007

Forgive, forgive and forgive him, over and over again, even when i know i'm not even gonna marry him. Forgetting my pride, and dignity for not being lonely.

Brooke <>
Tue Jun 12 23:51:39 2007

I am always doing crazy things for love. One time I flew to Morocco to meet some guy in Casablanca, only to find out I had only been in love with my computer. Another, would be hiring a driver from the street and renting a car wearing a sexy dress and renting a room to perform. For a man thats voice is music to my ears, a man I can't imagine life without.

nallely <>
Wed Aug 1 00:13:44 2007

i have ran away from home so many times for a guy i thought supposedly loved me... i gave up everything and everyone.... i begged him so much whenever he was going to leave me... for me, whatver he said was like the only thing i belived in.turned out to be he only wanted me for sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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