Created: Fri Feb 22 04:55:42 2002

What have you done that has had a positive impact on another person's life?

Mat J <>
Fri Feb 22 07:12:38 2002

Clipped a mate around the ear for making stupid faces in public

Fri Feb 22 15:51:30 2002

this year, for Valentine's day, i decided to do something special.

I know this guy in the grade below me. he isn't exactly the cutest guy, infact, he's far from it. he's what most people would call a loser. I call him one, too. He's pretty, geeky, stupid, ugly. But he's human, he has feelings. Anyways, he always falls in love with girls that are beyond out of his league. Like, different universe. At the moment, he's in love with this girl named Brigett. she, too, is in 7th grade, but unlike Nick, she has guys DROOLING over her that are around 18. She could pass for 18. She's gorgeous, smart, friendly, everything. But when Nick gave her a present for xmas, she didn't even say thanks. He's just a nice guy.

So one night i sat down to write poems for the Valentine's i was going to give out this year, and thought of him. I decided to make one for him and put it in his locker from his 'secret' admirer. I wrote him a poem and put it in his locker on a red heart. I'm not sure if he got it, but I know that if i'd have gotten a valentine like that, i'd have felt pretty special. I can only hope my valentine had the same effect.

Hiro <>
Fri Feb 22 15:57:37 2002

Saved the life of a drowning child.

John <>
Fri Feb 22 20:55:21 2002

Taught them how to feed into temptation

Stevem <>
Fri Feb 22 23:33:33 2002

I gave a homeless guy $1.52 some years go. I'd like to think
that he invested it and became super-wealthy.

Goody2Shoes <>
Sat Feb 23 01:43:13 2002

I taught someone to earn their own bread.

Kere <>
Sat Feb 23 01:45:10 2002

I listened.

romeoof2ks <>
Sat Feb 23 02:11:19 2002

Was the one the person could always count on.

Dreamer <somewhere@out.there>
Sat Feb 23 04:18:04 2002

A long time ago, A canvas fence fell on someone, in the middle of a storm and i rushed there and pulled it up and shouted at him to get out. And he probably could have got out on his own, without me helping. But for a 15 year old kid, I felt like superman.

That just shows that you don't need to do really dramatic things to feel like a hero. Even simple things done with passion can be heroic.

Amy <>
Sat Feb 23 14:44:41 2002

I reached out, and helped them up, listened to them, and watched them go from there.

Jayme <>
Sat Feb 23 15:03:50 2002

I love and am being loved by the most amazing person in the world, my girlfriend.

Phil t. <>
Sat Feb 23 15:45:40 2002

Some may not agree with this, others may. No offense to anyone. I told someone how much God loves them, and wants them to be His child.

Sat Feb 23 22:57:25 2002

I've listened

Sun Feb 24 00:40:51 2002

Been the one to always ask how someone elses day was, just incase they might need someone to talk to.

Michael Browne <>
Sun Feb 24 06:54:43 2002

I work at an IHOP restaurant as a waiter. There are about 4 servers on duty each night, each assigned to his/her own station. During my shift, I always do all the sidework (stocking, cleaning, whatever chores need be done), regardless of station. Everyone else is so strict about sticking to their own stations that they're always shocked when they see I've helped them out. And I'm not being immodest or anything - I know this is incredibly trite compared to real acts of heroism and philanthropogy - but I do this all the time, whenever I'm there, and my co-workers never stop appreciating it. The thing is, I WANT to do it. I'm not just trying to feed on their praise. It's just...neat...that I can make these people's jobs easier on them. I mean, why not?

Agent <>
Sun Feb 24 20:53:30 2002

I had a friend...well, I still have the same friend, but he's changed alot...anyways, he used to be really lazy, kind of a punk, and depressed.

One day, I suggested he start taking tae kwon do (martial arts). He surprised me by taking me up on the offer, but he would only do it if I did. So I started. We're both getting benefits from the mental and physical workout, but I think he's changed more. Maybe. Who knows.

joy <>
Sun Feb 24 21:01:37 2002

i wrote a poem for my friend when she told me she tried to kill herself not too long ago ...

L. <>
Sun Feb 24 21:26:35 2002

Well, to be honest, i would like to think that i make impacts on everyones life that i enter. I believe in bringing cheer to my friends lives. They are always there for me when i need a shoulder to cry friend in particular...and i would say that my impact on them is that i make it known that i am always here for them. However, recently, a guy from the camp i use to attend started calling me, talking about suicide, and i listened while he poured out his sorrows. I tried my best to advise him, and i'm hoping that what i have shared will help him realize that death is not the way.

Goody2Shoes <>
Sun Feb 24 23:51:37 2002

I let her go. She doesn't even know this.

Mon Feb 25 00:49:51 2002

made one of her dreams come true, while letting go one of mine.

Mr. President <>
Mon Feb 25 01:04:25 2002

I smiled, I listened. For mortal men there is not much else that can be done in this life.

Mon Feb 25 15:56:12 2002

i was a friend....

Levity <>
Mon Feb 25 18:55:21 2002

Hated many, liked some, loved one.

Death Benefit <>
Mon Feb 25 22:26:28 2002

When I left my last girlfriend, I gave her the greatest gift I possibly could: The absence of me.

Susy <>
Mon Feb 25 23:43:56 2002

Told someone the truth.

Karen Marie Llorens <>
Mon Feb 25 23:56:44 2002

Words. I try to give everyone I come in contact with words, so they too can see how wonderful they are and how important words are in everyones life. How no matter what anyone says ...words can change the world, and the way you live. Yea, I have given people words. Each and every single day.

VaiL <>
Tue Feb 26 13:13:44 2002

This one time on an ambulance call, we took in a young girl who tried to kill herself. She was really quiet but looked scared, so as we were driving to the hospital I took her hand and held it. She looked at me and just broke down. I wound up sitting on the stretcher and holding her while she sobbed the whole way in to the hospital. When we dropped her off in her room she didn't want me to leave, she wanted me to stay and hold her hand. I went out to the ER desk and got one of the stuffed bears they give to kids . . . I brought it back to her room, hugged it tightly, and gave it to her. I told her whenever she felt alone to hug the bear and in a way, I would hug her back. I like to think that the simple gesture I made helped her on her road to recovery.

paul <>
Sun Mar 3 16:18:13 2002

I've made someone fall in love

brittany <>
Sun Mar 3 19:43:19 2002

ive listened .. when my ears didnt feel like hearing the voice ive talked when my words werent coming out right and i smiled when inside the smile was upside down . .. .

Karthik <>
Mon Mar 4 13:26:32 2002

I've listened, and I've tried to give advice. That's all I can do... and when that didn't work, I let her go.

Jess <>
Thu May 9 16:52:07 2002

I once said to someone, "Everything ends up okay in the end. If its not okay, its not the end".
It saved that person from taking away their own life. Were best friends now ;)

Herbert <>
Mon Sep 29 22:26:52 2003

I once visited a chatroom, when someone entered and left about 15sec. later. I got curios and checked the ID-card. It was very..suicidal, all in all. So I wrote an email. I listened, I gave advice, but most important of all:
I destroyed her illusion that noone in the world cared if she lived or died.
She never understood why I did.
I only regret that I lost contact with her about 3 month ago.

There is no such thing as "someone elseīs problem" when they canīt handle it themselves.
Noone breaks down just for fun.

Celeste <>
Tue Feb 6 19:26:45 2007

I made myself fall in love with someone who thought the world of me.

Now he's happy, and I'm in confusion.

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