Created: Tue Mar 12 07:41:57 2002

Who would you kill, if you had the chance? And why?

Michael <>
Tue Mar 12 08:33:20 2002


Tue Mar 12 11:15:25 2002

Britney Spears the Anti-Christ

Kere <>
Tue Mar 12 12:41:05 2002

Pat Robertson

MissMuffet <>
Tue Mar 12 12:42:06 2002

Rev. Jerry Falwell

Tue Mar 12 13:00:50 2002

Bush, because he's gonna get us all killed.

wok <>
Tue Mar 12 18:27:26 2002

Jessie Helms.

Alex <>
Tue Mar 12 19:26:29 2002


Tue Mar 12 20:16:41 2002

Russell Crowe.

Tue Mar 12 21:18:21 2002

Marilyn Manson

Tue Mar 12 21:42:30 2002

John Lennon at birth...the world wasn't ready for him.

Tue Mar 12 22:09:45 2002

i dont think that i would kill anyone, because it would just mess up the way things are supposed to be

Tue Mar 12 22:31:58 2002

Saddam Hussein... so that I won't have to be activate and get sent to Iraq

Tue Mar 12 23:13:32 2002

Fred Phelps
Theres enough problems with the world without his idiocy adding to them

Arielle <>
Wed Mar 13 00:04:48 2002

Anyone who mistakes kindness for a weakness.

Goody2Shoes <>
Wed Mar 13 00:32:20 2002

Without a doubt, Nathuram Ghodse. He killed Gandhi.

Wed Mar 13 03:11:30 2002

I would kill anyone who takes the advantage of the poverty of others and exploiting them..

Lestat <>
Wed Mar 13 06:46:24 2002

myself...this world is cruel enough as it is

joy <>
Wed Mar 13 16:59:52 2002

my father ... for all the things he's put into my head over the years that i, sadly, have accepted as truth ... this among other reasons

Mike <>
Wed Mar 13 17:47:03 2002

Arafat. The man responsible for this mess going on for decades...

Mitul bhai <>
Wed Mar 13 20:07:16 2002

How about the Snake that tempted Eve?
If not for him/her, we'd be in paradise...though without the internet!

Sasha <>
Wed Mar 13 22:08:31 2002

Macy Gray... dear god the 'fro and that voice!

One <>
Thu Mar 14 01:08:23 2002

My roommate.
I more morning where she hits the snooze button every ten minutes for an hour and then decides she's NOT going to class...

Shazzer <>
Thu Mar 14 21:25:15 2002

Myself. It saves me the trouble of killing everyone else.

Sun Mar 17 22:52:13 2002

God. It'd serve the bastard right.

evan <>
Mon Mar 18 00:19:43 2002

I'm surprised no one said Hitler for obvious reasons.

ethan <>
Mon Mar 18 03:14:18 2002

Everyone, pretty much

Mon Mar 18 20:57:51 2002

Colossus, if they wouldve killed john then they'd have to kill every other revolutionary that wasnt "ready" for it's time. You'd be depriving the world, yourself and your bestfriend of the greatest inspiration ever given the right to live. Plainly, if you killed John, I'd have to kill you.

Thu Mar 21 11:50:23 2002

Jesus & the prophet Mohammed and all the other founders of other religions.
I'd like to see what the world would be like if there was no religion
(I also agree with Belle)

a <>
Sun Mar 24 05:09:10 2002

i'll kill noone. everyone deserves to agonize here on earth. a killing will only save him from his misey.

John <>
Sun Mar 24 14:01:47 2002

John Wilkes Booth, I would have liked to see what Lincoln would have done with the rest of his presidancy

Karthik <>
Mon Mar 25 00:52:23 2002

Lee Harvey Oswald... see how many women JFK could screw in the Oval Office though two terms...

Mat_j <>
Tue Mar 26 21:19:55 2002

Kilgore Trout

Mr. President <>
Sat Apr 13 05:41:34 2002

All those over-negative teenage jerks who think their life is so hard.

Ashes <>
Mon Apr 29 14:32:20 2002

All the people more beautiful than myself.
because despite the fact that true beauty is on the inside, it is the physical beauty that first draws those worth drawing.

Tue Oct 28 15:48:08 2003

Do i really need a reason?

Wed Dec 17 12:59:14 2003

Cortes (the spanish fuck who killed 23 millions indians)

sorry but i juz dont like oppressors but hey, make that Hitler, Pol Pot and Bush

vanessa <>
Mon Jan 5 02:19:21 2004

the moron who failed me in pe but then again what would I have to gain? So, I guess the moron who created the concept of pe and the morons who developed it for school. I hope nobody gives me this chance as there would be a killing-spree.

jane doe
Thu Aug 3 18:56:53 2006

Id kill the chick that ruined two realtionships because she was jealous that I had something better than her man. than stayed with her man and cheated on him once she broke up my relationship.

Wed Feb 21 07:50:24 2007

If i weren't afraid to go to hell i'd kill myself.

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