Created: Fri Mar 15 05:49:33 2002

If you could time-travel, which two points in the past and future would you go?

Dreamer <somewhere@out.there>
Fri Mar 15 08:00:37 2002

I'd go back to the time of the first moon landing, which I think is one of the most symbolic and magnificent achievements of the humanity. Pity I wasn't alive then to partake in the awed splendour of the time.

And as for the future, I'd like to go to the birth of my first kid, maybe just to know that I did things right.

Fri Mar 15 11:52:03 2002

I'd go to...Woodstock '69.
And I wouldn't want to go to the future.

andrew <>
Fri Mar 15 15:39:46 2002

I'd go back to the 1st Century Middle East and see if the Bible was true to its word. Or 19th century Europe roaming as a vampire. Fuck the future.... its undetermined.

EMP <>
Fri Mar 15 17:07:44 2002

I'd like to go back to my birth...and watch.

Then I'd go into the future...and be the one to kill myself. May as well make a home run right?

Steven <>
Fri Mar 15 18:24:57 2002

Past: Yesterday. I can't remember where I put my Game Boy.
Future: December 31, 2999. That should be cool...

Fri Mar 15 23:02:47 2002

Being the little nerd that I am, I would love to travel back to the time of the founding of the United States and the writing of the Constitution so I could meet the Founding Fathers.

And as for the future...hmmm..this is far more difficult. I don't really think I would want to see into the least not anytime where I would still be living.

Laura <>
Sat Mar 16 01:07:09 2002

As for the past, i would most like to go to that one day when everything felt good and right, and it all meant something, and as for the future, if i went there, and saw what was to be, it prob. wouldnt end up being, so i would just stay here, and maybe go back to a time when i know i made an impact in anothers life.

Chris P. <>
Sat Mar 16 02:03:44 2002

I would go to the Pax Romana, and to the nuclear winter I have a feeling lurks in our future. Always wanted to see black snow.

Mike <>
Sat Mar 16 06:31:44 2002

I'd go to Egypt at the time of the building of the Giza pyramid to see exactly what these people where on when they made that bastard. In the future I'd go to my own funeral to see how people react to my death.

Sat Mar 16 11:31:10 2002

The past : the making of the universe. The Future : God.

Ryan <>
Sat Mar 16 11:54:07 2002

I'd go back in time to my first love, and in the future, to my last one.

Death Benefit <>
Sat Mar 16 18:17:10 2002

The beginning of time, and the end of the world, just to see whether or not the bible got it right.

Sat Mar 16 20:51:10 2002

I'd go back to last week of October and first week of November of 2001. Those were good weeks for me. I'd go to the future to see the end of the world.

Sat Mar 16 22:47:36 2002

I'd go back in time to not screw up something I did, but then, I'd never have gone back to prevent it, so it would still happen(see the time machine people, this actually makes sense). the future: when the leader of our country is more than just a rich white boy, but someone who is intelligent and cares about every one, not just the aristocracy

John <>
Sat Mar 16 22:48:00 2002

The past woulod be the early 1900's in New York City, the cooruption must have been wonderfull.

The future about 150 years to see if Philip K Dick was right in his description of the future

Colossus <>
Sat Mar 16 23:54:11 2002

I'd go to the future first and hope to find a way to make myself youthful forever...then i'd go to the beginning of time...and watch.

Mikey P <>
Sun Mar 17 00:35:43 2002

I don't really know about the past. For the future, I would enjoy knowing how long it will be before we all die because some idiots in the 1940s decided to invent something called the Nuclear Bomb.

Mat J <>
Sun Mar 17 16:45:02 2002

I'd go back to the begining and give my regards to the creator(s).
I'd then go to the end of the universe and sit at the edge of the abyss (that i'm sure that would be there). I'd take some beer and share them with the last human, his ape master/alien friend, God and the other dieties then when it is all over i'd go with them and help write up the experiment.

evan <>
Mon Mar 18 00:17:02 2002

i was never in the world trade center, i would like to go back in time and look down from it. As for the future, i would like to attend my own funeral.

Kere <>
Mon Mar 18 00:53:33 2002

I think I would go back to the time when my parents were doing the deed to get me here, and hassle them with lots of shouting and yelling very loudly about me being their daughter from the future to see if they would rethink their position, then..see my future self and do other such crazy things to see if I'd kill myself.

Goody2Shoes <>
Mon Mar 18 03:03:37 2002

Not too far in the past, just one year back when I had the best time of my life.
As for the future, I would like to see if I am married with the woman I love.

Susi <>
Mon Mar 18 04:33:00 2002

Past: When I went camping with my friends. I would love to relive those moments.
Future : I want to see how many of my friends die before me.

Lord FlatHead <>
Mon Mar 18 12:08:28 2002

I'd take the obvious step first, and go back to Lower Manhattan in the early morning of Sept 11th 2001. I'd walk around, have a Dr. Pepper and sit down on a bench on World Trade Plaza. Waiting.

I'd like to go back to 26th October 1984, my birth day. Pretend like I'm a doctor and hold a tiny version of me in my arms.

I'd go back to 22nd November 1963 and stand on the overpass overlooking Dealey Plaza in Dallas. See President Kennedy's motorcade come up from Houston Street, and maybe catch a glimpse of the assassin(s).

And if it's at all possible, I'd like to go back three billion years to a world where I am the only life form. Then look at the sky.

stacey <>
Mon Mar 18 13:28:50 2002

I want to meet Jesus....past or future...eiter one...but past preferably...i want to see it all..

Tue Mar 19 04:33:38 2002

Past... Hmmm, doesn't matter much, but someplace that's relativly mountainous and untouched, maybe anicent North America. As for the future... Just tell me where we figure out immortality and I'll live out the rest of time from there.

Rilin <>
Tue Mar 19 08:57:56 2002

Past: Send me back to Plymoth with a .45...the quick way to clean up America :)

Future: My dying day, so I can annoy myself to death

saravanan <>
Tue Mar 19 14:00:10 2002

in the past i would like to go to the MOUGHAL dynasty because of the lifestyle they the future i would want a new world to start right from the scratch and i should be the first guy to be born on a new planet b'cos it would be a peace full world without politics

Kat <>
Tue Mar 19 21:17:22 2002

Past - Ancient Egypt. To hopefully meet up with a group of dancers who are willing to teach me how bellydancing is *really* done. I'd also like to go back to anyplace where I've had a former life so I can meet myself (yes folks, I believe in reincarnation).

Future - the time when we humans either get our sh** together or when we finally throw ourselves to oblivion and a new civilization emerges from the ashes.

Karthik <>
Mon Mar 25 00:56:18 2002

Past... how about Sept 10th... with a few notes... or an e-mail... or a warning... or SOMETHING?

The future... sometime LONG after I'm gone... maybe something like 2500 or like that... just to see... if we're still doing okay.

Celandine <>
Fri Apr 5 15:54:23 2002

Past: to relive all moments of love in an endless cascade of happiness and warmth.
or to once again experience my breakup with my first love, and realize that the other girl didn't matter.

Future: To experience the exact moment when the world dies, and to know that this is it....

Zeedo <>
Tue Apr 9 22:08:32 2002

1. Kill my own grandfather at his birth. I always wanted to know how that one works.
2. (Longer one) Lord Flathead has a point, but didn't take it far enough for me.
a) Sept. 10, 2002- walk around Manhattan with a sandwich-board sign saying "The End Is Nigh!!"
b) Sept. 11, 2002- sit on a park bench, smoke a few cigarettes, giggle hysterically at the world... maybe have a Coke.
c) Sept. 12, 2002- walk around what's left of Manhattan with a sandwich-board that reads "I TOLD YOU SO."
(yes, it is juvenile. piss on you)
3. Go back and see if my first girlfriend was really as hot as I remember her being.

I tell you, this present is bad enough as it is. If I knew what were going to happen, it would be unliveable.
So I'll replace it with another past:
4. Go back and beat the shit out of myself on a regular basis for being such a dork.

kam <>
Wed Apr 10 19:40:30 2002

id like to go bcak to exactly when kurt cobain died so i can see for myself if he was murdered or he shot himself. then when ppl argue about it i can smile to myself and think im the only one who knows the truth. and who cares about the future?

chan <>
Thu Apr 11 02:23:38 2002

past - the 7 days of genesis. that would be a good mind fuck.

future - my funeral.

pigdog <>
Mon May 6 14:06:09 2002

In the past I want to meet Siddhartha. In the future - I want to see how everything will end.

khentoog <>
Thu May 1 17:08:44 2003

1882, Barcelona, to meet Gaudi and find out how he came up with the initial idea to design La Sagrada Familia...
the future can go to hell after i'm dead :)~

Sat Nov 1 14:36:32 2003

...I'd go watch the sistine chapel being painted.
I wouldn't touch the future...

Wed Dec 17 12:58:06 2003

visit the Inca and watch how the Spainards conquer them (always love this part in history)
hmmm...the future? fuck it

Kira <>
Thu Sep 1 22:38:00 2005

Past - the signing of the Declaration of Independence. I want to look into the faces of those men.

Future - first contact.

Celeste <>
Tue Feb 6 19:47:48 2007

I don't think I'd want to go forward at all, but if I could go back, I'd go back to the night that I told my best friend that I loved him, and I'd sit and think about it for a while longer before deciding whether or not to tell him. With hindsight, I might choose less impulsively than I did.

Naya <>
Tue Aug 14 23:17:11 2007

i'd go back to when my parents were getting divorced and had done something about it.

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