Created: Thu Mar 21 12:09:06 2002

What is a near-life experience you have had?

Amy <>
Thu Mar 21 19:03:53 2002

It was a winter day, and I had arrived early in front of the classroom. I stood outside under the barren plum tree, and looked up at the clear sky for a moment before closing my eyes. I love the fresh, living feeling when my chilled eyelashes brush the skin just below my eyes.

Aeon <>
Thu Mar 21 19:56:41 2002

For a moment I loved and in that moment I was alive. Then the moment faded...

joy <>
Thu Mar 21 21:58:31 2002

crowdsurfing at rolling rock town fair 2.0 ... beautiful clear sky, the warm sun caressing my skin, mind blowing music, and a sea of hands that (suprisingly) gently moved me along ... it was serenity amidst the chaos below me ... the eye of the storm ...

Thu Mar 21 22:03:37 2002

I don't know if I should call it near death or near life. However, I was with my friend David. Nearing a 100MPH. We nearly crashed. Was it near-death or near-life? I cannot tell.

Goody2Shoes <>
Thu Mar 21 23:33:13 2002

I still Remember the time I are about 3 years old, My brain is just kick starting that self-conscience engine of my little brain, I saw my grand parents with new eyes. I remember my granny smiling at me and my grandpa frowning for some reason I did not understand. That was the only time I ever felt closest to being alive.

Dreamer <somewhere@out.there>
Fri Mar 22 06:44:37 2002

Somehow I always feel like I'm living when I dream. When I dream, I'm an astronaut about to blast off from the earth. Or when I'm a brilliant ER surgeon who just performed some life saving action. Or when I imagine, I'm the one in the world who made another person's life all worth while. Its strange but its in my dreamy imagination that I feel most alive

L. <>
Fri Mar 22 09:11:05 2002

Well, i would necessarily say that i have had a physical experience, but it seems that one morning i woke up and realized that i didn't need to limit myself and be what everyone wants me to be. That i can be anything i want to be, and do anything i want. Until a person can reach that point, i don't believe you can truly live, because it is at this point that life becomes real.

Fri Mar 22 09:47:15 2002

I was swimming with some of my friends and their was this 50 ft cliff there. I jumped off of it and split my leg open when I landed in the water. The feeling of falling was the closest to a near life experince I've had.

a <>
Fri Mar 22 10:22:46 2002

sitting on the seashore in 7 pm in the evening, just contemplating and lost in oblivion. things seem much purer in such cases, don't you agree?

Fri Mar 22 12:59:12 2002

I was walking home at 10:PM and it started raining, I looked up...saw a beautiful night sky being pierced by rain.

Hayley <>
Fri Mar 22 13:51:50 2002

I was 9 years old, and it was some summer holiday because all of my family was over for a cookout. My cousins and I were sitting in front of the television, watching MTV, and the video for "Jeremy" by Pearl Jam came on. That song made me realize for the first time how everything wasn't perfect in the world, and it truly awakened me. In a strange way, I think that was the moment I felt the most near-life. Being so young and naive, yet knowing that there was a whole world out I didn't even know about.

Donyae <>
Fri Mar 22 17:16:17 2002

It was something like 3 AM and I was sitting outside at a bar in Bangkok, drunk out of my mind watching the neon lights and the purple sky. It's a flithy place but tonight it's beautiful and everything is wonderful and I'm about half a shot away from alcohol poisoning but i don't care. . . and everything was glorious in that instant.

John <>
Sat Mar 23 19:29:41 2002

I fianly made my way to Paris, standing underneath the Eiffel tower, from where I came to there at the moment brought tears to my eyes as I knew I was alive and it wasnt all a dream

MissMuffet <>
Sun Mar 24 01:09:01 2002

I've probably had several experiences, but one I remember very well was years ago at my grandparent's house, I was in the field running around the grapvine posts, and it was nearing the end of the summer, the sun was setting and the whole sky was a bright, bright orange and pink. It was like spring came for a visit.

@cedude <>
Sun Mar 24 16:14:50 2002

Sitting on my roof, looking at the stars in the velvet blue sky...
Wondering if Life is worth all the effort and pain...
Contemplating suicide...
Then realising, almost suddenly, that there doesn't need to be pain...
Life can be what I want it to be...

I want to drink life to the lees...

zeroisnine <>
Sun Mar 24 19:29:26 2002

once i thought someone loved me...

Hayley <>
Mon Mar 25 16:25:18 2002

It was a dreery night, and as my lover held me in his arms and we listened to the rain pound on the roof, I realized that in this moment, i was truly alive and I therefore possessed the ability to do whatever i set my mind to.

drea <>
Wed Mar 27 12:13:51 2002

I was riding in a car on a dangerous road in Bangladesh. I looked
out of my window and noticed the sun setting, big and orange over the
horizon; shadows falling over the workers in the rice fields. That's when
I realized the beauty of life in this harsh living world.

Thu Mar 28 21:23:35 2002

I can remember a moment at a friends house, where nothing seemed to worry me, and i was having the most hilarious time just being me, around the ones i care about most.

Mike <>
Fri Mar 29 16:03:33 2002

While drunk on holiday lying on a sunbed by the beach at midnight, looking at the stars and listening to the waves gently splashing on the shore. I was truly Alive

Ian Cornelius Lai <>
Sun Mar 31 11:19:34 2002

i was a cadet on a tanker ship where only a year ago a cadet and the bosun had died in the pump room. i had to do a job similar to their's when they died... and guess what, while pumping out the excess volatile cargo in the bilge, i nearly got overcome and just short of losing consiousness and falling face flat into a foot of naptha, i just got jolted and ran up for fresh air. think about it

chan <>
Mon Apr 1 03:12:41 2002

the first time i woke up next to my ex-girlfriend. and realised that for once i actually wanted to marry someone

Silverfurr <>
Mon Apr 1 21:16:13 2002

I was having sex with my girlfriend and practicing Tantra. The state my mind was in because of the Tantra made me see the stars of the universe, and I felt exactly like I was on acid, the cosmic awareness and interconnectedness of anything with all things. That was the first "near-life" experience I had without being under the influence of mind altering substances.

McDeus <>
Mon Apr 15 00:51:34 2002

Mosh pit while riding high on psilocybin mushrooms.

My God, it's full of stars

Karthik <>
Mon Apr 15 23:29:58 2002

One time, I woke up 30 minutes before my alarm clock was supposed to go off, and instead of cursing at myself, I just laid back in bed, looked over my shoulder, and saw the sunrise... I can't think of any better way to describe it other than a heightened sense of being.

Jade <>
Sat May 25 00:44:39 2002

I was standing on stage before opening night of a show I was in and I had the first line.The lights were out and the audience was calming. Never did I feel so good about being me and someone else at the same time...

Sat Nov 1 14:38:15 2003

Smelling the fresh see breeze for the very first time, the way i had read it described by anne rice.

Barbara <>
Mon Jan 19 17:29:20 2004

Being electrocuted.

Greg Soto <>
Sat Feb 21 19:46:54 2004

When I was making love to the woman that I loved. That was the best hour of my life.

Kira <>
Sun Dec 18 13:48:54 2005

One morning I stopped for gas at the convenience store in Stem. Inside, while I was waiting to pay, I made eye contact with an old man standing at the back of the store. He nodded at me, I nodded back. Then I paid the cashier and drove away.

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