Created: Thu Dec 6 00:33:35 2001

What are the stuff that dreams are made of?

Ashes <>
Thu Dec 6 06:45:47 2001

Dreams are made of horses and fantasies. All floating in clouds. Dreams are the impossible, but the graspable.

drea <>
Thu Dec 6 17:43:10 2001

dreams are spices and fairy dust that transport you to far away lands (real and fantasy) or your deepest desires & fears.

Thu Dec 6 18:32:51 2001

Misty mornings and an African sunrise.

mike <>
Thu Dec 6 20:03:43 2001

Dreams are memories of another universe.

jenn <>
Thu Dec 6 21:01:54 2001

Dreams are made up of the impossible; the stuff we've left behind. The trinkets of our past that we wish we still had. I dream of a perfect world where I still have my first car, my father and my one true love; all of which no longer exist in my reality but would somehow make life all better and perfect if they just came back to me. That is the substance of dreams; the things we will never again posses because letting go of those things will someday make me a better person. But, a girl can still dream can't she?

nevermind <>
Fri Dec 7 02:06:20 2001

Dreams are colours of rainbow, and misty road of a journey and kick back of every breath taking

stacey <>
Fri Dec 7 20:30:58 2001

A series of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. A daydream; a reverie. A state of abstraction; a trance. A wild fancy or hope. A condition or achievement that is longed for; an aspiration: a dream of owning their own business. One that is exceptionally gratifying, excellent, or beautiful: Our new car runs like a dream. v

paul <>
Sat Dec 8 15:58:26 2001

dreams are made of our life as of what it really means to us. it's like another life without hiding emotions, reactions, so that you're not embarassed. It might even be something like myself...

Gaspi <>
Sat Dec 8 16:00:09 2001

Dreams are made of memories on your last love and you realize in dreams, what could happen, only if... if something bad wouldn't...

Sun Dec 9 14:55:23 2001

thoughts , actions, wishes ,wish nots, combined in to one story =dream

Levity <>
Sun Dec 9 16:54:51 2001

dreams are made of the times we wanted to laugh and didn't nightmares are made of the times we didn't want to and did

Agent <>
Sun Dec 9 21:39:59 2001

Dreams are what you want them to be. Dreams are your goals, your fantasies. Dreams are what others consider impossible, but what you consider your goal.

Amy <>
Sun Dec 9 22:41:04 2001

Dreams are wisps of smoke - they get you teary-eyed when present, but quickly disappate leaving only a hint of their essence.

JeZ <>
Sun Dec 9 23:36:58 2001

dreams are when you wake up at dawn beside the memory of your first true love, the one you inevitably lost but try to recreate in others, to watch them sleep. and when you least expect it, you find them staring back at you. dreams are the things you're willing to do and the worlds you're willing to conquer all in something nameless because you are afraid to say it outloud lest it disappear like mist.

Eric <>
Tue Dec 11 11:59:51 2001

Dreams are what keeps you awake at night...

Juliet <>
Wed Dec 19 15:04:09 2001

Where I am safe... and from which I wake to fear.

Mon Dec 24 18:37:46 2001

Dreams are what you want your reality to be like..

Tue Dec 25 16:32:25 2001


deiondre <>
Fri Dec 28 10:27:11 2001

Manifestations of a disturbed mind.

Jessica <Spear>
Mon Dec 31 21:15:49 2001

Cheeze danceing like britney spears around the room "like dis"....berry....disturbing... makes me wanna sleep....and dream in a calvin and hobbes sequence.

Aeon <>
Wed Jan 2 22:59:05 2002

Dreams are just mirrors of our own desires, they are just the achings of wanting souls, the cries of our hearts.

zeroisnine <>
Tue Jan 15 10:23:21 2002

dreams are everything that is not real, but without which all things that were real would fail to have any meaning

diwata <>
Thu Jan 24 04:30:25 2002

dreams are made of mountain trails,reggae,sweat and weed.

Mat J <>
Thu Jan 31 07:48:45 2002

A dream is what happens when you feed your mind on weird, abstract and mixed up images all day long and then leave it alone to make head or tails of them while you sleep

Karthik <>
Mon Feb 4 05:16:01 2002

Dreams are the absurdity in all of us, in nature, in life, in everything. I mean... you've seen a bird fly, and you've seen a plane fly... and in your mind, you can see a plane flap its wings. Dreams are the juxtaposition of multiple coherent thoughts into one big cluster fuck. Dreams are real, dreams are imagined, dreams are personal, dreams are shared, and dreams are the stuff life can be made of. Dreams are everything you want, everything you can't have, everything you can have, everything that scares you, everything that strengthens you, and so much more. And yet, scientifically speaking, dreams are just a screen saver in your head so your brain doesn't burn itself out.

Kere <>
Wed Feb 6 13:27:23 2002

Dreams are a lot of things, too many things to make a list of, in my opinion. But mostly, They're made of jelly doughnuts.

Min <>
Wed Feb 13 13:53:22 2002

Dreams combine both past and present into visions. They express wishes, secret desires and unspoken thoughts. They give image to words that we've been unable to express. In dreams we can alter who we are, instead of facing the consequences of doing so in reality. And most intriguing of all, dreams show pieces of ourselves that we never knew existed, objects/people that we never knew we needed, or wanted.

Dreams reveal the hidden, but very few of us ever see the meanings.

Dave <>
Tue Feb 19 17:17:17 2002

Dreams are what we live from the time we wake up until the time we fall asleep. The desire we experience in slumber is the only worthwhile reality.

d <>
Thu Feb 28 01:22:15 2002

Dreams are what allows us to hope.

brittany <>
Tue Mar 5 17:45:31 2002

dreams reveal the hidden .. but very few of us figure out the real meaning

chan <>
Mon Apr 1 02:33:21 2002

the recess of our conciousness

khentanots <>
Wed Apr 30 19:25:05 2003

Dreams are situations we were in , during a previous lifetime...

Sat May 31 08:51:14 2003

Desires and hope. Desperation and hope. Suffering and hope.

ken_g <>
Sat Jun 7 08:00:25 2003

Dreams are the real world.

Thu Jul 24 15:32:27 2003

dreams are the dehydraded remenants of rabbits that were ground-to-dust-alive.

Amber <>
Sun Oct 12 07:10:44 2003

Questions and hopes that we struggle to answer and grasp.

Sat Nov 1 14:12:42 2003

Sweet Release.

Wed Dec 17 13:29:14 2003

dreams are the things that define humanity

Kira <>
Mon Jun 28 19:02:50 2004

Bubbles that never burst. Strangers I know.

vibhav <>
Tue Oct 19 03:12:34 2004

The offsprings of outside reality and inner fantasies.

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