Created: Fri Mar 29 14:57:18 2002

What is the most important material possession you have?

Fri Mar 29 15:23:06 2002

a pen.
There is always something to write on. The pen is the important element

Mike <>
Fri Mar 29 15:51:16 2002

My duvet. Why do guys like me and you know what a duvet is?

Fri Mar 29 18:53:49 2002

My mouse.

Think about it...

joy <>
Fri Mar 29 22:29:41 2002

my notebooks of poetry. i would run into my house if it were on fire to save them. i love them so much, so much of my time and my strange creativity are in them. i would die without them.

John <>
Sat Mar 30 02:18:22 2002

Im a technology slave so its 3, laptop, pda and cell, cant live without them

Kere <>
Sat Mar 30 04:47:55 2002

Damn, that's a hard one. I think the most important material possession I have is my computer. I would say my books of poetry, but some of the things I've written in them I never would have had the inspiration for without the internet. So, computer it is.

a. <>
Sat Mar 30 08:06:28 2002

my book collectiona and my Cds. nothing more, nothing les, this is the best:)))

Zander <>
Sat Mar 30 15:44:11 2002

My books and my mp3's. Those two things define me and help me in so many ways.

Jonny <>
Sat Mar 30 17:35:59 2002

That question really makes ya think... and to choose ONE material possession is extremely difficult, but if I HAD to... I would have to say my music. I mean music can make you forget your problems, and gives you away of escaping from reality... just until the C.D. ends. But for the brief moment where you have your eyes closed and can hear nothing but the instruments and a voice sing... you are completely relaxed and at ease with everything around you, therefore you never have to say to yourself "oh my god, the only thing I own... is a C.D. player"

Sat Mar 30 18:51:40 2002

my most importatn material posessions are my songs. they show me what i have been through in the past few years of my life, and they keep me stable because i can learn from my past mistakes.

kylen <>
Sat Mar 30 19:13:16 2002

my first edition copy of To Kill a Mockingbird.

Colossus <IIxColossusxII@AOL.Com>
Sat Mar 30 20:43:45 2002

Uncanny X-Men #390 "The Cure" It was the death of Colossus.

nyx <>
Sat Mar 30 21:15:14 2002

my toothbrush

Rob <>
Sat Mar 30 22:00:54 2002

my mo3 player, music anytime anywhere, im a music addict

Agent <>
Sun Mar 31 00:25:08 2002

My car. Well, not really -my- car. My family's car. But it's still the same. You can't get anywhere without a car nowadays. ;)

Death Benefit <>
Sun Mar 31 06:58:23 2002

ME. It always brings me home, and I'm stuck with it for life.

Dreamer <>
Sun Mar 31 08:08:25 2002

My room. Its not the stuff in my room. you could remove everything in it, bit by bit, but the essence and the safety and comfort is always there. Its the only thing i would really miss when i'm away. oh well

Ian Cornelius Lai <>
Sun Mar 31 11:17:19 2002

my poetry came from my mind... the stuff in my room was of my mind's creation (of course i had to go out o buy it, but i had to think about it first), my music notes... but with out my mind i wouldn't be able to play my guitar... i guess my most important possession in my whole life so far is my MIND... until i get my Harley that is

Matt <>
Sun Mar 31 18:54:09 2002

My you have ever played an instrument and loved it, you know what I mean. I'm a tech addict, but I could learn to live without a computer - a man cannot survive without music and still be sane.

Greg <>
Sun Mar 31 20:00:17 2002

Prolly my mp3's and computer to play them on

Bradley <>
Sun Mar 31 21:14:38 2002

Well, it's a tough one. I would want to save my lyrics and poems, but then I think about it and they aren't as important cause I can re-write them. I have come to the conclusion that I don't know for sure. I can't chose between my big ol' beastly acoustic that I have played so many hours on, or my black Les Paul that can drive my amp so perfectly it's almost wrong.

L. <>
Sun Mar 31 22:34:56 2002

I would definitely say my teddy bear that my best friend gave me back when we were dating...just sleeping with it at night gives me so much comfort...even when times can't be any worse...he is truly my back bone, and i try my hardest to be there for him.

mama mel
Sun Mar 31 23:14:49 2002

my magic bag"much like that of miss popins" Everything i need my pens and paper, my swiss, a special memory or two, my toothbrush and dr bromers with my rug tied to it id be happy wondering in the world with just that small bag

sagal <>
Sun Mar 31 23:47:48 2002

Thats easy....nothing. Simply nothing for i have nothing materialistic that values to me.For those that adore tangible objects i feel sorry for.You were born naked. Completely bare wth anything in your hands. And you shall die bare.Even your flesh shall disappear.

Goody2Shoes <>
Mon Apr 1 00:57:24 2002

My Books. Can't live without them.

Chan <>
Mon Apr 1 02:32:05 2002

my journals.
it's been a habit of mine for years. my deepest thoughts, the recess of my conciousness, my feelings,my fear, my highs and lows, everything i come across, i write them in my journal.

neuroticfishass <jus'gotlucky@ya'know>
Mon Apr 1 04:52:35 2002

books. they're worlds of their own. they are the kind of company that never leaves you. they are the teachers that never leave you unsatisfied. the lovers that never lie...

Mon Apr 1 13:22:53 2002

my running shoes. they take me anywhere i want to. and a picture of my girlfriend.

gaspi <>
Mon Apr 1 14:30:14 2002

I would say that my computer and all the things in it.. it just allows mi to talk with the whole planet.

molly <>
Mon Apr 1 15:09:10 2002

My clothes. No, not all of them or any in particular, just I am really shy, and I would like a set of clothes if I had to chose anything.

josh <>
Mon Apr 1 23:15:05 2002

Leather Clothes, they will last you the rest of your life... You are not your fucking Khakis.

Devin <>
Tue Apr 2 00:08:36 2002

i would have to say my knife set, anywhere in life you could always use a cutting utensil. its an essential survivial tool.

drea <>
Tue Apr 2 11:47:49 2002

hard cd's. cuz they say so much about who i was
and who i've become. they are a glimpse at my soul.

Celandine <>
Fri Apr 5 15:48:01 2002

My box of memories. It has everything; poems, letters, pictures, tiny figurines, paper flowers...anything that has ever held significance for me. I'd rather have, and remember, than destroy something because it hurts me for a day. A lifetime of remembering is worth more than a month of sadness. When i'm eighty I wont feel that pain anymore, and my box of memories will be the only thing that can bring me back to childhood. With it, I will never forget, even if some of the memories are sad.

Fri Apr 5 23:30:07 2002

This huge box of all of my sketchbooks, journals, (oh, i'm gonna get ripped on for this one) notes and poems from my boyfriend, and a very special Rogue #1.

Ash <feelingsinister1@hotmail>
Sun Apr 7 10:36:20 2002

Blu Tack (I've now realised to never take it for granted)

Mat_j <>
Sun Apr 7 14:54:19 2002

My underpants. If anyone ever tells you material possesions are unimportant, force them to go outside naked for a few hours then ask them what they want most. Humans aren't designed to survive without nothing that's what the oversized brain is for.
Failing that my prosthetic ass i got in 'Nam. I wouldn't be here without it.

Mon Apr 8 02:35:20 2002

My Nine Inch Nails "Pretty Hate Machine" CD

stacey <>
Tue Apr 9 13:33:59 2002

Tooth paste
Fat Free Kraft Catalina salad dressing

Sat Apr 13 04:51:06 2002

so the good thing about remembering everything you write and think is that you never need to record it. the good thing about an even better memory to rememeber what others say and all that is you don't need the albums. lyrics come and stay in your head. i think i'd want my guitar (when i get one) to show me the future and my rabbit to remind me that i had a past.

Karthik <>
Mon Apr 15 23:27:57 2002

My thoughts. Nobody can ever take them away from me, 'cept God, and I don't have Alzheimer's, so I guess I'm good for now.

See-Why <>
Sun Apr 28 03:40:26 2002

With no relevant job experience, no money, no true friends indeed, I still have my life, thus I hope to slog my youthful life to gain the rental of material comforts and pass away peacefully, knowing the fact that I am asmuchas comparable with people of my class and generation, dreaming on and dreaming forth.

Katie <>
Wed May 1 16:09:41 2002

my Bible. It's the place I hear God most often.

Tue Aug 5 21:21:14 2003

my spyderco knife. i could lose everything i have and in three months have it all back with that thing

Sat Nov 1 14:39:58 2003

I'd have to say the pen aswell, or a pencil...

Mon Mar 29 23:13:27 2004

swiss army knife

jolt <>
Tue Apr 27 00:08:54 2004


Giny <>
Tue Sep 27 20:44:00 2005

i would be sooo bored and lost without the computer!

celeste <>
Wed Feb 7 15:25:19 2007

Something to draw with; preferably charcoal. Somebody near the top said something similar.
Art can give you happiness, food, and shelter.

SP <>
Fri Jul 11 08:58:21 2008

My camera

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