Created: Thu Apr 4 14:44:51 2002

What 3 things would you hope to accomplish in your life?

Thu Apr 4 15:54:18 2002

1. I don't want to achieve immortality through my work... I want to achieve it through not dying.

2. I wanna be an Army Ranger

3. Start a Fight Club

Thu Apr 4 21:51:11 2002
2.start a family
3. be a good husband&father

dark <>
Thu Apr 4 23:14:35 2002

1.continue my search for the truth
2. become filthy rich
3. and I also want to start a Fight Club

Chan <>
Fri Apr 5 02:08:14 2002

1. Film and produce a full length feature film with my production crew mates.

2. find my other half and marry her.

3. start a fight club

Dreamer <>
Fri Apr 5 03:33:25 2002

1. Learn to fly a plane and do so ever so often.

2. Play a heroic innings in a cricket match at an international level

3. Find a "Diamond" in the rough. Go figure.

comfortably numb <>
Fri Apr 5 07:55:06 2002

1. Learn to compose music, sing and play the guitar.
2. Have enough money that I never have to think before spending it.
3. To love all beings selflessly

a. <>
Fri Apr 5 08:57:30 2002

1.get "relatively" rich
2.find a soulmate the doors of perception

Celandine <>
Fri Apr 5 15:40:59 2002

1. Travel all over the world
2. Stop worrying over little things.
3. Allow myself to love openly.

Ash <>
Fri Apr 5 17:48:25 2002

1. Become a master of the guitar.
2. Speak fluent French
3. Have the courage to play a song to a crowd (The crowd liking it would be a bonus too)

Shannon <>
Fri Apr 5 18:57:30 2002

1.) Expand my Fight Club ;)

2.) Find love

But mostly, and most difficult,

3.) Be able to say that I am truly happy

Ashes <>
Fri Apr 5 22:25:21 2002

1) Find A Soulmate.
Through this, it has been said that one can find complete and utter happiness. To find true love would be a dream come true, and would fullfill all my dreams.

2)Start a family
Have children.
Find a home. Make one, rather.

3) Find a way to never forget my friends.

Fri Apr 5 23:55:39 2002

1) Become a film maker
2) Breed
3) Start fight Clubs around the world.

Goody2Shoes <>
Sat Apr 6 01:32:04 2002

1. Invent the Positronic brain.
2. Start a revolution against
my country's current Government.
3. Find out what it is like to die before I actually do.

Sat Apr 6 02:11:02 2002

1)Start a Fight Club just to be the only one who doesn't fight.

2)Memorize every line from a movie.

3)Come to terms with my split-religion. Am I Jewish or am I Christian?

Drew <>
Sat Apr 6 20:19:50 2002

1)Fall in love and marry, forever.
2) Become wealthy enough to, as ComfortablyNumb put it so well, "never have to think before spending it."
3)Make a happy home with kids, 3 (one boy(youngest))(two girls)
4) be powerful enough to not have to stop at 3
5) start a fight club??

Wazza <>
Sat Apr 6 20:38:34 2002

1) climb a mountain
2) learn to speak french
3) grow a beard, one without patches

Rhapsody <>
Sat Apr 6 21:50:34 2002

what is up with this fight club stuff?
1. Find my true home, whether it be a place or a sense of self love and freedom.
2.find true friends who will always be there, especially when i get sick again...
and will help me through instead of turning their backs and being afraid of death. They aren't dying. I am.
3. Somehow repay my mother. For everything.

Laura <>
Sun Apr 7 01:35:00 2002

1.) Go to Kenya, Africa and watch the sunset and see all the wild animals in their natural state and...imagine.....
2.) fall head over heals in love with the most amazing girl.
3.) Become a great biologist, the one thing that strives me to do good now.

Ian Cornelius Lai <>
Sun Apr 7 12:44:20 2002

1) join the french foreign legion
2) be a combat medic in the USMC
3) smoke all the weed in want in the whole world

Richard Cross <>
Sun Apr 7 16:31:35 2002

Hard question!
1. Master the guitar/play in band
2. Become a sniper (strange i know)
3. Be happy with my life

Zander <>
Sun Apr 7 17:49:51 2002

1) Write a book.
2) Compose a musical piece
3) Get so rich i can go live and play in a tropical paradise.

Mon Apr 8 17:08:24 2002

1. Get into a fight for the first time ever

2. learn to play the guitar

3.try to be the best I can be.

Tue Apr 9 00:22:22 2002

1.Find A Soulmate!!!
2.To be sincere and honest to one and only my love.
3.Kind human being whom everyone likes...

Stacey <>
Tue Apr 9 13:31:12 2002

1.) learn to throw a football properly
2.) backpack across europe
3.) make out with a stranger in the summer rain

Steven <>
Tue Apr 9 19:25:38 2002

1, start writing my book, that will change the entire world, so people dont tell me about the "pay it forward" movie they saw, that regrettfully didnt change the world.

2, travel the world, so i can find her.

3, worship her, so she is SO overwhelmed and happy, the envy of generations to come.

Tue Apr 9 22:10:59 2002

one - skysurf
two - complete an ironman
three - be a good son, husband, father, person.
four - qualify for the SAS

Amy <>
Tue Apr 9 22:11:34 2002

1) Earn enough to take care of my family's material needs.
2) Be wise enough to dispense good advice that will change the world.
3) Love enough to fill the void.

Wed Apr 10 13:54:28 2002

1) Master a martial art, specifically Judo.
2) Speak fluent Spanish
3) Become a licensed hairstylist after receiving my PhD in Education
**4) Close down all the Fight Clubs that all the rest of you folks plan to start.

LostEnder <>
Wed Apr 10 15:11:05 2002

1}survive, with honor
2}find something that I would be willing to sacrifice myself for
3}retire to my own tropical island

drea <>
Wed Apr 10 15:14:17 2002

1. Learn to play the guitar (i've always wanted to play spanish
ballads for my family)
2. Travel the world (making that dream a reality this fall...keeping
my fingers crossed)
3. Write a book (mostly poetry and short stories)

Wed Apr 10 23:27:44 2002

1>> Learn to play the CELLO gracefully.
2>> To love and be loved...hopefully start a whole new journey with the love of my life.
3>> rediscover the beauty of poetry, writing and music which i have lost not so long ago

Josh <>
Thu Apr 11 22:24:33 2002

1) fall in love
2) make that relationship work
3) feel happy

EmptyHero <>
Fri Apr 12 05:25:11 2002

In no particular order...
1) Learn to drive a fan boat.
2) Break someone's heart.
3) Save someone's life.

mal <>
Fri Apr 12 15:35:25 2002

1)make the one i love, fall in love with me.
2)get enough money to make an album with my band and watch somone buy it. Just 1 persons all i want.
3)start a fight club which forbids physical contact, except from large duck feathers.

MarkofKaine <>
Fri Apr 12 21:17:59 2002

3. Learn to lose (I'm told it's easier that way)

2. Become indispensable (for whatever reason)

1. Die content with my life and all the things I've accomplished.

Jimmy Kettler <>
Sat Apr 13 01:35:53 2002

1) get knighted
2) meet the dalai lama

Mr. President <>
Sat Apr 13 05:39:25 2002

1. Prove myself right.

2. Make a difference.

3. Seek a better world.

Sat Apr 13 05:45:53 2002

1. marry my girlfriend
2. find a nice job
3. destroy all the fight clubs around the world

Emily <>
Sat Apr 13 07:07:41 2002

Reading these I've discovered that the three things you need to do to be happy in life are:
- play the guitar
- speak french
- and start a fight club


Sat Apr 13 23:54:55 2002

1.) I want to play in my lil band long enough to change someone else's life through the music.
2.) Marry that certain person who shall remain nameless...
3.) learn how to balance what I like to do, what I'm good at, and what I'm qualified for so that I can support myself my whole like

Kath <>
Sun Apr 14 10:52:42 2002

1.Learn to play my guitar
2.To fall in love
3.Live my life and not let it pass me by.

Anana <>
Sun Apr 14 15:43:55 2002

1) Now...Lose 10 pounds
2) Tomorrow...Meet the person who completes me
3) Yesterday...Would've done all the things I was scared to do

Sun Apr 14 22:26:32 2002

In my unpredictable life I want to: do something exotic, travel around the world, find true love, and find great friendships.

Mon Apr 15 00:23:36 2002

1) Live "happy" knowing my life is senseless.
2) Unite fight clubs, so we can kill all the shallow stupids wanting void utopical things like: fall in love,Kind human being whom everyone likes..., Find a way to never forget my friends.

(no offense)
3) Die young, please. Suicide works.

Karthik <>
Mon Apr 15 23:26:09 2002

1. I want to see results from the fact that I've started excercising.
2. I want a woman to notice said results.
3. And, for once, I don't want to be shot down just cause I'm a nerdy-looking smart boy. Who knows... I might actually find Miss Right? I don't want to be greedy... just a girl who doesn't see me as a four-eyed freak would do...

Tue Apr 16 16:00:04 2002

get a masters
survive my Fight Club
live in oregon with 18 cats as "That weird english lady"

Wee-little <>
Thu Apr 18 11:06:06 2002

1: Do everything I have ever wanted to do, even drag race in the nude
2: Laugh as much as humanly possible, maybe a little more
3: Get out and live, and have fun accomplishing accomplishment numero uno.

Alise <>
Mon May 6 19:49:51 2002

i'm content
what's around comes around

Thu May 9 17:09:30 2002

1)Take the world by its hand and skip off into infinity.
2)Making all my dreams a reality.
3) Making sure I have my ' moment in the sun'

Geraldine <>
Mon Jun 3 01:25:04 2002

1.) Find my soulmate and live happily ever after, and LIVE most of all
2.) Dance and kiss in the rain with my soulmate
3.) Scuba dive in the kelp forest here

Ennui <>
Tue Jun 4 02:02:52 2002

Buy every piece of IKEA furniture....AND start a fight club.

1. to open my heart without the fear of being hurt
2. to be remembered as a fantastic and good person
3. to live a little everyday, with simple pleasures & adventure sports *heh*

Raffy <>
Mon Nov 29 22:34:34 2004

1. for one i'd like to be remember by the world havin done something great no matter wat as long as i was never forgoten
2. to find love and make dat person the happiest on earth
3. to see earth from only few have before.

Kira <>
Mon Dec 13 20:50:58 2004

Find someone who is essential to me, to whom I am essential, and make a life with him.

Raise happy children.

Finish the story.

(See the world... from space! On a Space Cruise!)

Jake <>
Thu Jul 28 12:28:16 2005

1.) Change my name to Desmond R.G. Underwood-Fredrick IV

2.) Beat all you in the FIGHT CLUB

3.) Repent afterwards

pionut <popescu_aionut@yahoo>
Thu Jan 12 02:47:32 2006

1.) i want to learn the basics' i life (swiming, flying with a plane , ridding a bike ..etc)
2.) be very healthy
3.) I want to be a good man in life/so my family could remember me that i was a nice man

Mon Nov 26 23:21:55 2007

1 - get a good job after graduating from uni

2 - start a family

3 - become a good father/husband and die
knowing that you've done a good thing in life =]

Celeste <>
Tue Dec 25 02:28:14 2007

1 Lose all my material possessions except my books
2 Read Fight Club so that I know what you all are talking about
3 Make strangers happy

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